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Académica-Academico Viseu Predictions 13-01-2018

Académica receives the Academician of Viseu in Coimbra in a meeting regarding the twentieth day of the Second Portuguese League. Both formations would rise from division at this moment, since they share the second place with 33 points and the 1st place is Porto B, which can not ascend to the main echelon. If there are two clubs with the greatest possibilities for next year to play in the First League they are Academic and Academic, however the moment they both live is something different. The formation of Coimbra has been to an excellent level, having won the 3 points in 6 of the last 9 confrontations of the Second League, having won 4 and tied 1 of the 5 most recent home duels, where it is very strong and has a greater support than the other teams in this competition. Already the formation of Viseu, triumphed in only 2 of the last 9 games of the championship, having descended much of income. In those 9 matches, the edges scored only 7 goals, denoting serious offensive faults. Playing at home, in great shape and full of motivation, students should master this meeting!
Our Bet Explained

Briosa comes in an extremely positive series.
The students are very strong in their stronghold.
The high motivation and confidence with which Académica arrives at this duel.
The Academic of Viseu decreased much of production in the last days.
The huge and exciting support for Briosa at his Stadium.

Our Prediction Académica-Academico Viseu

We believe in a game controlled by Académica, which plays against its fans, is morally much better than its opponent, has been imposed game by game, is in great shape and faces an opponent with quality but that has dropped a lot of level recently. Bet on the victory of the Academic of Coimbra!

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