Belshina – Din. Minsk (PREDICTIONS) 15.06.2016

Belshina-Din. Minsk play on 15/06/2016 at 16:30 in football championship from Belarus Vysshaya Liga.

This vitebsk has good collective game, players who go very well overhead beside being rapid to fall sick and to generate the goal.
This mikashevichi .. not to gone well in the tilt he lacks little mas of force in assault and in defense that spaces are in the habit of decentralizing and being left, tendran that to defend itself with everything against this vitebsk that comes with everything ahead undoubtedly is going to complicate it enough….

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It finalizes you see that they faced the game I remain 2 – it finalizes 3 5 times that faced were both they annotate and games over 2.5…
Only there was 1 over 1.5..
Vitebsk needs to gain this game to raise positions and to continue fighting in this tilt .. and to obtain the first places .. it has good assault, comes from 2 consecutive victories..
Mikashevichi it needs to recover comes from 1 tie and 1 defeat .. it can complicate to the vitebsk, but sera difficultly to remain with the victory..
We go with the over 2.5 that I think that it can be given, the times that faced were over 2.5.
And they annotate both .. I have seen some games of these teams
I believe that vitebks it can remain with the victory it generates many mas I am in danger with good game, another point is that this sure vitebsk that querra to receive from him the defeat that had previously against this team where perdio as 2 – 3, in his field .. this way that tendra that everything this goes out with to gain not this not despicable at all quota … we go for the over 2.5 I hope that they continue with this trend and let’s gain this bet..
Bet over 2.5 goals ! Odd. 2.00

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