South Melbourne – Richmond (PREDICTIONS) 24.06.2016

South Melbourne – Richmond play on 24/06/2016 at 11:30 in football championship from AUSTRALIA: NPL Victoria

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We go with this over between 2 teams that leave a few good statistics us, that the truth with the numbers that it takes richmond well podriamos to throw the line mas high.

*south m.
– leader comes after 17 days with 13G 1E and 3P
– it is 2 º that mas goals it marks with 40 and fits mas of 1 goal for game for a total of 20, which leaves us an average of 3.5 goals in his games.
– it is 2 º better team of place with 7G 1P
– in his stadium it has played 8 games in which it has marked 19 and received 4 with an average of 2.9
– in his 17 games it takes 10 overs and 7 unders
– in his last 5 meetings it leaves 2 us overs and 3 unders
– as place it leaves 4 us overs and some other unders

-12 º in a league of 14 in places of decrease with 3G 5E and 8P
– in spite of sorrow of being so bad classified it takes mas of a goal for game 27 and with 45 in against it is the team that mas fits what gives in his games an average of 4.5
– domicile it has played 8 games with 1G 3E 4P
– of visitor it he,she takes 27 goals in against, to mas of 3 for game and if añádimos the 11 that it has marked it gives us an average of 4.8 goals divided when he has to produce visit.
– it is the team mas over in his 16 games takes 13 overs and 3 unders
– his last 5 games 3 overs and 2 unders
– in 8 games played domicile it has overcome this line

*Su last clash was 24-3-16 richmond-south m. 6-3 in the last years there are no mas clashes since in 2 you finalize seasons not militaban in the same category.

Bet over 2.5 goals odds.190

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