Lens – Troyes Soccer Prediction 07.02.2018

Lens is the favorite, this is contrary to the fact that it is a second league team, its share is decreasing, and now it puts it in the position of favorite. However, in the last three matches he did not manage to make good matches, so he has not managed to win all this time. On the other hand, in the last six confrontations it had in 2018, we had at most two successes, which somewhat surpasses, given that Lens is recognized as a team willing to play open when given opportunity. Also, his performance in the French Cup was a good one, in 2018 succeeding two victories, but in front of weaker teams such as Boulogne (3-2) and Stade Briochin (1-0).

Troyes is engaged in the fight to avoid relegation to Ligue 1, which puts real pressure on it, given that after the defeat at the end of last week was still directly relegable. The inconsistency of this game was also felt in the matches in the French Cup, where he had a lot of emotions with the enthusiasts from Still 1930 (1-0), and in the previous round he needed to make the strikes from 11 m, Samassa appearing in two penalties. On the other hand, the disputes were troublesome, the last two matches meant so many defeats, her only success being in front of Still 1930.

Lens – Troyes Today’s Soccer Prediction

The two teams have something in common, 90% of the matches so far In 2018 have finished with no more than two successes, which I think shows us the trend towards which the Wednesday match is possible. It is also a notable result for both teams, but I expect Lens to make the first move on the table, and finally to the team that goes on, given that Troyes is focused on avoiding relegation and more qualification a tangle.

Prediction Today: Lens – Troyes: The hosts qualify
Odds: 1.65
Prediction Today: Lens – Troyes: hosts win
Odds: 2.22

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