Betis vs Olympiacos Europa League

Today’s Football Prediction Betis vs Olympiacos

Betis is first in the standings, but with only one point ahead of Milan and Olympiakos: at the time of the draw there was talk of a balanced group, but perhaps no one expected so much. Excluding the “Cinderella” Dudelange, in fact, two games from the end is still all in play and not only are three teams who aspire to conquer the sixteenth of the final, but all three can still aim even at the first place in the group. This between Betis and Olympiakos, however, will probably be the watershed race, because given to assured the victory of Milan against Dudelange, in case of defeat for the Greeks it would be really hard to overturn the situation in the last race …

The key points of the prediction Betis vs Olympiacos

Betis, on the other hand, is back from the recent prestigious and spectacular victory at the Camp Nou against Barcelona: 3-4 the final result.

In the last championship, however, came an unexpected and painful defeat: 2-1 on the field of Villarreal. A further reason for the match against Olympiakos.

The Spaniards, however, on their field find additional resources: Milan managed to snatch a draw (1-1), but suffered for long stretches of the race …

The Greeks away, however, are struggling: after the obvious victory against Dudelange, at San Siro against Milan lost 3-1.

With a win the Betis would certainly be the first place in the standings (and in any case in the last round will host the Dudelange at home).

Best Bet of the Day Betis vs Olympiacos

The Spaniards in fact can count on two out of three results, but they will hardly do any calculations and will want to close the practice as soon as possible. The Greeks have always had a difficult relationship with the away games: let’s play the final result.

Prediction Today: Betis
Odds: 1.66