Brazil – Mexico World Cup Prediction

Soccer World Cup: Eighth Finals

Yesterday was the “surprise” being out a very favorite candidate to the title “Spain”, however it was more on their own merits to continue with their “defensive mistakes” throughout the world and their lack of ideas creating chances of danger.

Some comrades come to Mexico to give the second surprise eliminating the favorite to “be champion” Brazil … but that defeat with Sweden was a blow of “reality” to be placed that should not think sometimes so high (it is step by step) , that “historic” victory against Germany was excellent … even if it was the worst in history in the world championships, finishing fourth in the group, giving pity.

Brazil leader of their group battled a bit to win with some clarity, it is difficult to play against 10 defenses of Costa Rica … until they managed to break the zero, later an open match with the Serbs managed to defend themselves well and were strong in their arrivals winning 2-0.

Although it is not the typical Brazil that we are accustomed to, no country has been playing so superior or delighting us with its style … France had the advantage that Argentina has a “water defense” granting too many facilities to show off their fast strikers like Mbappe.

The Aztec team is always indigesta to the green love it to grow with the powers, in its world rescue a 0-0 draw … but “being honest” had no goal arrivals and the figure was goalkeeper Ochoa.

I have always said we should not take patriotism, we must be objective and the Brazilians are playing better unlike the past world, with better defense and good possession of the ball … they should take the victory but want to spend a scare in extra time or penalties as they it happened to Spain.

Prediction Today: Brazil wins, 1X2 (Final result)
Odds: 1.5