Can you regularly make money (get rich) with sports betting?

Hello friends, today we will discuss the problem of: Is a life of winnings realistic? Hope you will enjoy it!

This is a question that of course every weather poses. Anyone who starts betting is probably dreaming of making a big profit at some point. That is also quite possible. But to earn money regularly, sports betting requires a certain discipline. If you look for a question on the Internet for this answer, you come across many pages that want to give you an answer. But there are hundreds of approaches that promise wealth.

In the following text I would like to give my personal answer to this question. It is not universal and you get no guarantee! If you really want to earn money with sports betting in the long term, you have to start to get rid of combination bets and only play single bets in the future. Combined bets are too dangerous overall and depend on too many situations. Here is an example:

You bet four games in a combination bet. Three of them are correct. The fourth game is on. The favorite team you bet on receives a red card in the middle of the game when the score is 0-0. The outsider later succeeds 1-0 and wins this game. You lost your entire combo bet because one player on one team made a mistake and received the red card. This one action cost them the entire win.

This example is intended to show that they may have done everything right, but there are so many situations involved in a combination bet that you simply cannot take all of them into account. In this example, if you had placed a single bet in all four games, you could still have won despite the one wrong game. That means you can easily put a loss away in a game. Of course, it now takes longer for you to make a big profit, but it is more likely that you will end up in the black at all. In addition, higher bets are more likely to be justified for single bets.

Another important point is of course how to handle the money. You should also be able to put up with a negative series. It should also be easy to say that ten games in a row are wrong and you still have money to bet. Therefore, you should adjust your stake to the available budget.

Of course, the choice of games is also important. You should allude to odds that also have a so-called “value”. Constantly referring to odds of 1.1-1.4 on favorite wins does not bring long-term success. At odds of 1.1 you have to win 10 times in a row with the same stake in order to lose once. So you can hardly get positive in the long run.

My final advice is to only type league games that you really know. It is important that you inform yourself and take into account all circumstances (locks, injuries, ghost games, etc.). This is the only way to give a well thought out tip. To make a lot of money, however, you need a fairly large share capital, because you have to be able to put up with losses. Since I only recommend single bets, you need a fairly large starting capital to make really big profits. It is very difficult to really get rich with bets or to cover the monthly expenses with confidence.

If you follow all my tips and can handle your money, you have a good chance of making money in the long term. But you always have to be in control and sometimes you can’t lose discipline in a bad phase and go “all-in”, for example. Again, there is a big difference between “earning money” and “getting rich”. Very few get rich with betting.