Coronavirus in the Bundesliga!

The German Football League (DFL) has called off all weekend matches in the Bundesliga and second tier Bundesliga 2 and recommended that both leagues be suspended until 2 April, it said in a statement on Friday.

Update: Although it was previously planned to hold the match day without a spectator, the game operations in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga were now completely stopped due to the corona virus. This was decided on Friday afternoon (March 13th). The break is expected to continue until April 2nd.

Coronavirus in the Bundesliga!

The German Ice Hockey League (DEL) ended the season early; the German Basketball League (BBL) suspends the game until further notice and the Handball League (HBL) also advises about a break in the current season. The question remains when the flood of cancellations will also reach the Bundesliga.

The corona virus has a firm grip on sport all over the world. New reports come almost every hour. While the Spanish La Liga as well as the Italian Serie A, the Swiss Superleague and possibly soon also the UEFA crackdown and complete game days, only ghost games will be played in the Bundesliga next weekend.

How long will the game continue to run?

If we consider the decisions of many associations and leagues, it can be said of a surprise that the DFL insists on having the matches played out. However, it remains questionable how long the decision will last, because in the 2nd Bundesliga at Hannover 96 there are already the first positively tested professionals to make Lower Saxony’s participation in the game virtually unthinkable.

If there are also the first Corona cases in the highest German league, there will likely be a rethink among those responsible. Cases like the Serie A, where Inter Milan has declared its withdrawal from all competitions with immediate effect, do not seem to be ruled out in Germany either.

With all justified panic about the new corona virus and the understandably initiated measures, there are – as macabre it may sound – to report positive news. Rights holder Sky, for example, will broadcast the conferences of the first and second league live on free TV, doing a great favor for the inclined television viewer.
What impact will Corona have on the European Cup and the European Championship?

In addition to the question of what would happen if the Bundesliga season 2019/2020 could not actually be played to the end, many fans should also be interested in how things will go in the Champions League and the Europa League.

On Thursday afternoon, rumors were spread that the two most important European club competitions would also be stopped. A short time later, however, came the confirmation that at least the first knockout round in the Europa League will still take place in the evening.

Nine ghost games in the Bundesliga

For a long time it looked as if the game Union Berlin against Bayern Munich would be a big exception, but since Wednesday it has been clear that the encounter at the Alte Försterei will also take place in front of empty ranks. There were also cancellations in the Bundesliga, but those responsible decided instead to play ghost games, which was not understood by everyone involved.

Revier derby before empty ranks

The most curious thing is certainly the fact that the Ruhrpott duel between Dortmund and Schalke will also be held to the exclusion of the fans. The derby, which is shaped more by the supporters of both clubs than almost any other football player from two rival clubs, thus loses its huge appeal to some extent. Corona in the Bundesliga makes it possible! Ghost games included.

Overview: Bundesliga ghost games because of the corona virus

Game of ghost game?

Dusseldorf vs. Paderborn ghost game
Hoffenheim vs. Hertha ghost game
Cologne vs. Mainz ghost game
RB Leipzig vs. Freiburg ghost game
Dortmund vs. Schalke ghost game
Union Berlin vs. Bavaria ghost game
Frankfurt vs. Gladbach ghost game
Augsburg vs. Wolfsburg ghost game
Werder Bremen vs. Leverkusen ghost game