Cyprus vs Kazakhstan Soccer Betting Predictions 06/09/2019

Cyprus vs Kazakhstan Soccer Predictions

A foreign coach of the German national team is a strange thought. Perhaps this may be because it has never existed until today. Erich Ribbeck, Franz Beckenbauer, Berti Vogts, Jürgen Klinsmann or now Joachim Loew – the DFB selection was always trained by Germans.

Today’s Soccer Prediction Cyprus vs Kazakhstan

It is common practice with other nations that a head coach can come from another country. At the game Cyprus vs. For example, Kazakhstan, where we are risking a prediction, also has two foreign coaches on the bench.

The island state is Ran Ben-Shimon from Israel the clock from the sidelines, with the guests from Kazakhstan it is the Czech Michal Bilek. Both coaches are facing a Herculean task if they want to lead their team to the European Championship 2020. In Group I, the starting point after four match days is very clear.

Belgium are leading the table without loss of points and will refuel on Friday with a threesome against San Marino. The football dwarf is at 0:20 gates only cannon fodder in this group. Russia, Kazakhstan, Scotland and Cyprus fight for second place, which would qualify for the final round.
The Russians are ahead with nine points and the competition hopes for a slip-up on the Sbornaja in Scotland. In the race remains at the game Cyprus vs. Kazakhstan, this prediction can be ventured, only the winning team. In particular, the hosts of the Mediterranean island are under pressure with three points and must score three times.

The bookmakers see Cyprus as favorites against Kazakhstan and a home win odds at 2.25. Who dares a bet on the away win in this encounter, which is rewarded with 3.60 odds.

Cyprus – Statistics & Current Form

After the start in the European Championship qualifier with a 5: 0 against San Marino succeeded brilliantly, followed for the Cypriots three close and bitter defeats. The 0: 2 against Belgium was still planned, but the 1: 2 in Scotland and the 0: 1 in Russia then a bitter setback. On the island, the decisive goal came only in the penultimate minute of regular time and in Russia, the guests kept a good time for a long time before they had to travel home with empty hands at the end.

So it does not look like the country from the Mediterranean island can qualify for a big tournament for the first time. So far, the Cypriots have had to watch all European Championship and World Cup finals from the screens. But the results of the recent past have shown that the gap to the world’s top has narrowed.

Coach Ran Ben-Shimon has his share of this. The Israeli coach has put together a tactically well-trained team, who in a 4-3-3 system narrow the spaces of the opposition in the center and also try to bring forward in the game forward.

The most dangerous man in the attack is Pieros Sotiriou, the striker from FC Copenhagen, who has scored three times for the Danes in the last four games and thus travels in good form to the national team. With the double against San Marino at 5: 0, the 26-year-old is also the most accurate marksman of the Cypriots in the previous European Championship qualifiers.

The other players in the squad are largely unknown on an international level. Center-back Konstantinos Laifis of Standard Liège is still one of the better known names. The great bearer of hope for the future plays in the midfield headquarters. The 19-year-old Ioannis Kosti already has an important role in the team and should steer the game of his team.

All in all, the individual quality is not to be underestimated and especially against middle-class opponents such as on Friday, the small nation does not have to hide. It is no coincidence that between Cyprus and Kazakhstan the odds of a home win are lower than for a triple score.

Expected lineup of Cyprus:
➲ Pardo – Makris, Kousoulos, Laifis, Ioannou – Margaca, Kosti, Artymatas – Georgiou, Avraam, Soteriou

Last matches of Cyprus:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Russia vs Cyprus 1: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Scotland vs Cyprus 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 24.03.2019 – Cyprus vs. Belgium 0: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 21.03.2019 – Cyprus vs. San Marino 5: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 19.11.2018 – Cyprus vs. Norway 0: 2 (Nations League)

Kazakhstan – Statistics & Current Form

After the split-up of the Soviet Union, the Kazakh federation set up its own national team, which has never before been able to participate in a European Championship or World Cup finals. With six points, the current situation in Group I is not so bad and if they win in Cyprus, the Kazakhs would still be in the race for second place.

Thanks to coach Michal Bilek’s trophy, they were able to beat Scotland 3-0 in the first leg, which was surprising, especially at height. Add to that a threesome from the duel with San Marino. Against Russia (0: 4) and Belgium (0: 3), the Kazakhs but then also showed their limits.

The problem is very clear that players lack experience on the international stage. Almost all the players in the squad are invariably in the domestic league on the road and come largely from the dominant clubs there FC Astana and Qairat Almaty. Legionnaires from other leagues are rare, which is why the internationals against opponents like the Belgians for the team are an absolute exception and the pace of these teams is far too high.

The Czech coach has tried this tactic with the tactics to rehearse a defensive stable 5-3-2 system. Even against the football dwarf San Marino, who is offensive completely harmless, he let his protected come up with this formation to practice them.

On Friday, it will be important for the guests to be able to put pinpricks forward, despite the defensive attitude. Should the dream of participating in a European Championship be maintained, then help with the game Cyprus vs. Kazakhstan, this prediction can be ventured after four matchdays, only a threesome for the guests.

Expected formation of Kazakhstan:
➲ Nepogodov – Suyumbayev, Shomko, Maliy, Yerlanov, Vorogovskiy – Tagybergen, Quat, Islamkhan – Aymbetov, Turysbek

Last matches of Kazakhstan:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. San Marino 4: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Belgium vs. Kazakhstan 3: 0 (European Championship qualification)
⚽️ 24.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Russia 0: 4 (European Championship qualification)
⚽️ 21.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Scotland 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 21.02.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Moldova 1: 0 (friendly)

Cyprus vs Kazakhstan Direct Comparison

So far, there have been two games between these two nations. The balance clearly indicates that between Cyprus and Kazakhstan a tip on the home side is the right choice. The Cypriots have won both matches at home.

In 2004 they won 2-1, then 2017 3-1. Both duels, however, were friendlies and should therefore not be rated too high.

Cyprus vs Kazakhstan Our Best Soccer Betting Prediction Explained

Cyprus vs Kazakhstan – a prediction on this pairing is not easy. Almost all players on both sides are completely unknown internationally and therefore difficult to assess. Basically, it is important, especially the previous qualifying games to investigate exactly. As the Kazakhs have been more successful there, the betting odds between Cyprus and Kazakhstan have been shifted a bit towards the guests.

Right there, however, we swim against the tide and find that this “correction” of bookmakers is not justified. A more in-depth look reveals that the nation of the Mediterranean has outperformed by comparison.

They lost to Belgium (0-2 instead of 0-3), beating San Marino (5-0 instead of 4-0) and Russia (0-1 instead of 0-0). The only exceptions are the two games against Scotland.

Key Facts – Cyprus vs Kazakhstan tips

📌 Cyprus have so far won both matches with Kazakhstan
📌 The performances of the nation of the Mediterranean island were in quali (despite lower number of points) so far better
📌 The home advantage in Nicosia could be the deciding factor in this game

As the success of Kazakhstan came about rather happily there and Cyprus on the island until shortly before the end also sniffed at a point gain, this should not be overstated. In our opinion, the hosts are qualitatively better qualified and with the home advantage in Nicosia in the back there is the chance for a home win on Friday evening.

In any case, we trust the home side’s second home-three in the European Championship qualifier and find that between Cyprus and Kazakhstan the tip on the easy favorite is the right choice. The bet size is four units.

Competition: Euro 2020 Qualification, Group. I
Date: 06.09.2019
Prediction Today: Cyprus (1)
Odds: 2.25
Stake: 4/10 units