The Vikings want to annoy the Swedes! So you could also call this game in the context of the European Championship qualification. Most European footballers have been playing for only a few weeks, but qualifying for the European Championship next year is followed by another break.

Faroe Islands vs Sweden Today’s Soccer Prediction

The football fans will still get their money, because in qualifying numerous interesting pairings are on the program. In the game between Faroe Islands and Sweden, a prediction of the paper form is certainly clear for each Sweden.
But in football there are always surprises and for such a Färinger on Thursday evening in the home game against the Swedes to provide. However, the Faroe Islands have no realistic chances of qualifying for EURO 2020.

After four games completed the team of coach Lars Olsen is still without a point win in the last place in qualifying group F. Significantly more pressure in this comparison but in any case the Swedes. After all, the Swedish national team wants to qualify for the European Championship next year.

The Swedes are currently only in third place in the group after a defeat by Spain on the last matchday. In the match between Faroe Islands and Sweden, a tip on a surprise score of the hosts brings up to 20,00 very high odds. But this also shows once again the clear outsider role of the Faroese.

Faroe Islands – Statistics & Current Form

The island nation of Faroe Islands has a population of just 50,000 on its islands. Nevertheless, it is an independent nation within the Danish kingdom. Of course, due to the few inhabitants, the Faroes also have a hard time keeping up with other nations in sports.

For this reason, once again it is unlikely that you can qualify for the EURO 2020. In the past, the Faroese have never been able to recommend themselves for a European Championship or World Cup. A look at the table of Group F makes it clear that the Faroes are not competitive again.

From the games completed so far, the team of coach Olsen could not record a single point for themselves. But at least it was enough for the Faroe Islands after all in three out of four games for a goal.

“We will also give everything to Sweden again and try to deliver a good performance.” – Lars Olsen

This is definitely a success for the Faroe Islands. At the start on Malta, one might have secretly calculated chances for something countable. But even among the Maltese there was a narrow 1: 2 defeat under the line. No chances were the Faroe Islands after both the away game in Romania as well as in the home game against the former World Cup Spain.

At the end of both matches there was a clear 1: 4 defeat for the Faroe Islands. By the way, Jakup Thomsen scored the only goal from the game in the opening defeat on Malta. The other two goals came from a penalty. Here Viljormur Davidsen kept his nerve and put the ball under each goal.

In June, the Faroe Islands played their last qualifier at home against Norway. There was a goalless draw in the first half of the match, but at the end of the match there was the expected 0-2 defeat.

Last matches from Faroe Islands:

⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Faroe Islands Vs. Norway 0: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 07.06.2019 – Faroe Islands Vs. Spain 1: 4 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 26.03.2019 – Romania vs. Faroe Islands 4: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Malta vs. Faroe Islands 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 20.11.2018 – Malta vs. Faroe Islands 1: 1 (Nations League)

Sweden – Statistics & Current Form

The Swedes were known to be represented at the World Cup in Russia last year. There the Tre Kronor left an excellent impression and fought their way into the quarterfinals. There, however, the Swedes were the much weaker team against England and so the dream of moving into the semi-finals burst.

Generally you need new goals and dreams in life. The next big task for the squad of coach Janne Andersson is the qualification for the European Championship next year. Meanwhile, the Swedes in Group F are fighting for one of the two starting positions at EURO 2020. Under normal circumstances, it is likely that the group victory will go to Spain.

For this reason, Sweden will probably duel with Romania and Norway for second place in this group. From the Swedish point of view, the start of the qualifying phase was an important 2-1 victory against Romania.

“There are players that fit and players who may not be able to handle artificial turf so well.” – Sports expert Daniel Nannskog

Not quite as successful were the Tre Kronor afterwards at the away game in Norway. There, after a turbulent game by a 3: 3 draw but at least one point. Nevertheless, coach Andersson was certainly not completely satisfied with the result, because they went in stoppage time still in the lead.

Goalkeeper Robin Olsen had to concede another goal. Against Malta, Sweden did justice to the role of favorite at the beginning of June and celebrated a comfortable home win.

Shortly thereafter, the trip went to Spain, where you could hold a goalless draw for just over an hour, but in the end still suffered a significant defeat. In the upcoming duel between Faroe Islands and Sweden brings a tip on a Swedish success with around 1.22 only manageable odds.

For the Swedish national team but anything but a clear victory would be a disgrace. Where the Swedes in the last 27 away games only three times at least three hits in a game scored. For the assured away win the coach has also appointed three players from the Bundesliga with Sebastian Andersson, Emil Forsberg and Robin Quaison in the squad.

Last matches of Sweden:

⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Spain vs Sweden 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 07.06.2019 – Sweden vs. Malta 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 26.03.2019 – Norway vs. Sweden 3: 3 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Sweden vs. Romania 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 11.01.2019 – Sweden vs. Iceland 2: 2 (Non-FIFA Friendlies)

Faroe Islands vs Sweden Direct Comparison

The Faroes and the Swedes have only played three matches against each other. For the Faroe Islands, this was not enough to win. The balance speaks in two successes so far for the Swedish national team.

In qualifying for the 2014 World Cup Sweden could win both group games for themselves. On the other hand, the Faroes won a respectable draw in January 2001 in a friendly match in Vaxjö, Sweden.

Faroe Islands vs Sweden Our Best Soccer Predictions

Probably all around 50,000 inhabitants of the Faroe Islands will keep their fingers crossed for their national team on Thursday evening. Then there is a prestigious duel between Faroe Islands and Sweden. In the prediction everything speaks for the guests.

Key Facts – Faroe Islands vs Sweden tips

📌 The Faroe Islands are still without a point in qualifying.
📌 Sweden are currently only in third place in Group F.
📌 The Faroe Islands scored in three out of four qualifiers.

This is not surprising, because the Swedes have the much better squad. In addition, the Swedes may continue to make legitimate hopes of qualifying for the upcoming European Championship. The Faroe Islands, meanwhile, have lost all four qualifying matches so far. In Törsvollur Stadium will be played on Thursday evening on artificial turf.

This is likely to be unusual for the many Swedish players traveling in the big European leagues. The Faroese probably hardly believe in a home victory themselves. But the Faroese want a goal in this comparison.

We also trust the host. For this reason, we place our bet in odds of at least 2.75 on at least one match of both teams in the qualifier between Faroe Islands and Sweden.

Prediction Today: Both teams to score
Odds: : 2.75