Hungary vs Turkey Free Betting Tips

Hungary vs Turkey Free Betting Tips

Hungary vs Turkey Free Betting Tips

Hungary is having a good time as a national team. because they managed to close the qualification for the Euro, which was one of the main objectives, they who had already been present in the last edition also where they face Portugal again in the group stage.

Hungary in this League of Nations is in the 2nd place, with the permanence assured but with the possibility of still being in the 1st place.

To do this, they have to win and hope that Russia does not win in Serbia or if they lose, even a tie serves them to be in 1st place.

Therefore important game in the counting accounts. They come from a 1-1 draw with Serbia where they were somewhat conservative in my opinion.

Turkey will once again not play the Euro and in this League of Nations they have remote possibilities to qualify in 1st place but they can even be relegated.

They are in 3rd place with all the possibilities open. They only lost one game, precisely the first and at home against this Hungary.

Then they had three consecutive draws and won the last game 3-2 against Russia in a complicated game, they were losing, they saw an expulsion in the opponent and they knew how to turn around.

This victory keeps alive the dream of qualifying in 1st place but I would say that if they are not relegated it will be important for them in this group that is very balanced.

I like the goals in this game because it has everything to be an open game of stop and answer. These are not top teams, currently, at a lower-middle level I would say, but in this group, they can get bigger and both still dream of 1st place.

I see a very open game, it is the last of the group, where everything is decided and therefore any of the teams that suffer first will have to open up and grant spaces.

Hungary vs Turkey Free Betting Tips

In the case of the Turks, they can either finish in 1st place or last and be relegated, so we are facing an open match where the goals must appear and I go in this line of more than 2.5 goals in the game.

Betting Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.97