UEFA Nations League Iceland vs Belgium

Iceland vs Belgium UEFA Nations League

The semifinalist of CM starts in the League of Nations
One of the games played tonight from League A is between Iceland and Belgium scheduled at 21:45 at the Laugardalsvöllur stadium in Reykjavik. The Nordics will have an extremely difficult mission in front of the quarterfinals at the World Championship, but hope the chance is on their side tonight.

Harmen’s Iceland tries to keep the image he has created before football lovers some years ago when he managed to surprise the world with the game played in the EC in 2016, and then succeed in qualifying at the CM in 2018 , but the benefits were quite different, and the joy did not match at all. The Icelanders were disappointed because of their attitude, but they came with a great desire to qualify again in the EC in this qualifying campaign. The plans were overwhelmed by the League of Nations in the very first game, with Icelanders losing to Switzerland with a humiliating 6-0, and managed to do absolutely nothing in that game. The game and everything that had been prepared for the training did not reflect on that very sad evening in Switzerland, so they have to recover very quickly because they will have a duel maybe three times harder than the one against Sommer & Co .

Martinez’s Belgium is again trying to take it over and try this time to run the League of Nations and the qualifying campaign, to finally finish with a participation in the EC in 2020 and of course with the trophy much awaited by the whole Belgian blow . The CM performance was not bad at all, but everyone expected this extremely well-built nation to reach at least until the last act of the benefits he had made throughout the tournament, to the semi-final lost to France , a game in which nothing good has ever managed to give hope to a final dreamed of in Moscow. The problem’s data changed after that match, eventually managing to award its bronze to England. Belgium re-started the games after this CM, winning in Scotland in a friendly match, score 4-0.

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With Hazard and Lukaku on an exceptional evening, Belgium can not lose all three points, the odds offered by bookmakers tilted to a successful Martinez who can also make a show to the Icelanders after the slaughter in Switzerland. I believe in the attacking force of the Belgians and I am sure they will be forced to Reykjavik and even quite a significant score on the table.

Bet Tip: 2/2
Odds: 1.80
Prediction Today: Over 2.5 goals away
Odds: 2.31