Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt Betting Predictions 30/07/2019

Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt Betting Predictions

Kaiserslautern vs. Ingolstadt – that somehow does not sound like third division football. However, both clubs have been through difficult years and now have to take the hard detour to fight back in the 20s field of league 3 in the short to medium term back in the lower house. Especially at the FCI the descent in the preseason came as a surprise and the Schanzer want as fast as possible back to the second division. The kick-off has the team of the new coach Jeff Saibene once well done. With two wins, the FCI ranks second in the table. Directly followed are the Oberbayern of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, which stands at four counters. Thus, early in the season on the Betzenberg a real top game instead. Depending on the result of the front runner Braunschweig, who competes at the same time in Jena, the winner of the game can jump to first place. The motivation should therefore be present among the teams, in the middle of the English week to throw everything in the pan to leave the place on Tuesday evening as the winner.

Today’s Soccer Betting Prediction Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt

Despite the home advantage of Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt, the odds for a home win are slightly higher than for a threesome of the guests. The Schanzer are thus going to be a wafer-thin favorite in the game, although the FCK has always looked very good in the past with this pairing. With 6: 2 leads Kaiserslautern against Ingolstadt and a successful tip on the home side would extend this positive balance from the perspective of the red devil. At the end of this English week, Lautern will meet Preußen Münster, while the Schanzers are awaiting the Würzburger Kickers at Audi Sportpark. Then it goes on in the DFB Cup.

Kaiserslautern – Statistics & Current Form

A decent end of the season, a good preparation with Testspielsiegen among others against second division and some well-known new additions make the fans of the financially troubled traditional club hope for a good season. None of the new, Janik Bachmann, Manfred Starke or Philipp Hercher, made the decision in the second season game after the 1-1 draw against Unterhaching. It was the well-known names Timmy Thiele and Florian Pick. Especially Pick could shine with his goals this season two or three and is thus the great hope for the FCK fans. He will also try against Ingolstadt on the left wing to provide for Torgefahr.

The 3: 1 victory at the SG Sonnenhof Großaspach was not only important for the points account, but especially for coach Sascha Hildmann something special, as he had to compete against his former club, which he coached last season. Now Hildmann has a new task. He should lead the red devils back to their old strength and at best straight to the second league. After hearing slight whistles already after the first home game against Haching (1: 1), it quickly became clear how great the pressure and the expectations of the environment are. All the more important in comparison to the last season a good start to the season, which should be continued with a successful English week now. That Kaiserslautern against Ingolstadt in the odds of bookmakers is traded as a slight underdog, the coach is very accommodating. He can take a bit of pressure off the shoulders of his charges, which was often helpful at home on the bench.

Expected formation of Kaiserslautern:
➢ Grill – Schad, Sickinger, Matuwila, Hercher – Bachmann, Hemlein, Kühlwetter, Starke – Pick, Thiele

Last matches from Kaiserslautern:

⚽️ 27.07.2019 – Sonnenhof Großaspach Vs. Kaiserslautern 1: 3 (3rd league)
⚽️ 20.07.2019 – Kaiserslautern Vs. Unterhaching 1: 1 (3rd league)
⚽️ 12.07.2019 – Kaiserslautern vs Wimbledon 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 09.07.2019 – FC 08 Homburg Vs. Kaiserslautern 3: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 04.07.2019 – Kaiserslautern Vs. SV Sandhausen 1: 0 (friendly)

Ingolstadt – Statistics & Current Form

The FC Ingolstadt has a real roller coaster ride in the preseason behind it, which found in the end no happy ending. Despite strong catching up with Thomas Oral and a victory in the first leg of the relegation stood at the end of the descent into league 3, in which the Upper Bavarians now want to risk a fresh start.

The necessary staff for the direct return to the Second League is undoubtedly available. Some important players have survived the club, such as attackers Stefan Kutschke, Marcel Gauss or Björn Paulsen. Together with the new Peter Kurzweg, Maximilian Beister or Maximilian Wolfram they form a powerful team, which is clearly one of the promotion favorites. With Maximilian Thalhammer and Tobias Schröck, both injured at the moment, soon more quality returns to the squad. This has already been honored on the first two matchdays.

At the start in Jena, the Schanzer still needed the energetic support of the home team, which provided two own goals for a 2-1 away win, but in the end, the three points were fixed – that’s the point now. Then followed the first appearance at home in the duel of the relegated against Duisburg. Once again, the FCI had the deciding point of luck (even in refereeing decisions) on his side and won 3: 2. Stefan Kutschke took the Schanzer in halftime 1 in the lead. In turn number two, Maximilian Beister was clearly the man of the match with his brace. The six points and second place should not obscure the fact that with the troupe of Jeff Saibene not everything works as desired. There is still a lot of hard work ahead of the Upper Bavarians, if the team would like to stand even after the 38th matchday on a promotion rank. Another small step is to be done in Kaiserslautern.

Expected formation of Ingolstadt:
➢ Buntic – Kurzweg, Keller, Paulsen, Gaus – Krausse, Pintidis, Beister, Wolfram – Kaya, Kutschke

Last matches from Ingolstadt:

⚽️ 27.07.2019 – FC Ingolstadt vs Duisburg 3: 2 (3rd league)
⚽️ 22.07.2019 – Jena Vs. FC Ingolstadt 1: 2 (3rd league)
⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Wattens vs. FC Ingolstadt 0: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 10.07.2019 – FC Ingolstadt vs Lugano 1: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 07.07.2019 – FC Ingolstadt vs St. Pauli 0: 3 (Friendly Match)

Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The direct comparison between Kaiserslautern and Ingolstadt underlines the prediction in the direction of the red devils, which lead in the overall balance with 6: 2 clearly. Even at the last two competitive games in the penultimate season, in which the Palatine descended at the bottom of the table, the FCK was more successful and scored four points. After a 1: 1 at home the guests won the Audi Sportpark with 3: 1 completely surprising. Philipp Mwene, meanwhile at FSV Mainz 05 under contract, put the omens already in the first half with his double pack in the direction of away win. The 3: 0 shortly after the break from Sebastian Andersson was then already the preliminary decision. Marcel Gauß only managed the honorable goal.

Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt Soccer Betting Prediction Explained

The match on Tuesday evening between 1. FC Kaiserslautern and Ingolstadt, where a prediction is very difficult, turns out to be trend-setting. The third duel against the second is about who can be right in front in the upper third of the table and who might concede the first, real damper. Especially with these two clubs with enormously high demands, the start into the new season is very crucial. The easy favorites of the guests is indeed to explain with the two victories of Schanzer, but not necessarily justified. For one, the red devils home right, which is a clear advantage for the FCK, on ​​the other were the appearance of Ingolstadt so far not intimidating.

Key Facts – Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt tips

📌 Both teams are unbeaten so far
📌 In contrast to the FCK, the two victories of the Schanzer were so far very happy
📌 In the overall balance of the direct duels lead the red devils with 6-2 wins

Both the victory in Jena, as well as the narrow home win against Duisburg was more happy than convincing and if the Upper Bavaria does not increase, then the chances of an away win on the Betzenberg are not exactly high. As in the pairing Kaiserslautern vs Ingolstadt the odds are almost completely balanced, the chances would theoretically 50/50 stand. A home win looks in our eyes in the initial situation but much more likely, which is why the value is on the side of the red devils. To minimize the risk with this tip, we have decided on the “security variant” 1 (DNB, back in a draw money), which is also offered in some bookmakers in the Asian Handicap -0. Five units are suitable as insert height.

Prediction Today: Victory Kaiserslautern DNB
Odds: 1.95