Kiel - Wolfsburg Socer Prediction

Soccer Prediction Kiel – Wolfsburg

The lack of experience of Kiel’s players has said their word after the tournament, when they lost 1-3, in a game where they were seen driving after the first quarter of an hour, which made little sense. Also, the team’s tendency is to lose decisive matches, as happened in the derby for the second place, when he received the Nurnberg visit, losing 1-3, and he sent it to the dam. On the other hand, if we look at the positive side, this is the goal of Kingsley Schindler, who then brought the Holstein Kiel to the equation and held it in the fight to promote the first stage of German football, if necessary with 2-0.

Kiel: Kronholm – Herrmann; Schmidt; Czichos; Bergh – Kinsombi – Schindler; Muhling; Drexler; Lewerenz – Ducksch

Wolfsburg is again advantaged by entering a barrage in front of a team with a lack of experience in front of Bundesliga bands, and this was seen after the tournament match. “Wolves” continued their series of good games on their own, where they scored seven goals in the last two games. The fact that Origi, Brekalo and Malli have scored and led Wolfsburg to the advantage, is a reason to go for a defensive game. Although he has the advantage of two goals, he has all the reasons to worry about staying in the Bundesliga, because in the previous two such games disputed, Wolfsburg lost 0-3 at Gladbach and 1-4 at Leipzig, scores, which he registers now, would mean going to Zweite.

Wolfsburg: Casteels – Verhaegh; Knoche; Brooks; William – Malli; Guilavogui; Arnold – Steffen; Origi – Brekalo

Kiel – Wolfsburg Prediction

Undoubtedly, Kiel is forced to think very tactically, because any goal scored by the visiting band forced her to score four times more to promote her. Theoretically it remains a chance, but basically I think it’s almost impossible, which is the main reason I am inclined to count on a total match against the one in the tour, in which to score at most two goals.

Prediction of the Day: under 2.5 goals
Odds: 2.05
Prediction Today:  Draw
Odds: 3.45