On the 5th match day of the Austrian Bundesliga championship round, the duel between the Linz ASK and Sturm Graz will take place on Wednesday evening in the TGW Arena in Pasching. This duel will take place twice within five days. On Sunday, the Upper Austrians drive to Graz. The Linzer are still the surprise team in the league as a clear runner-up. But with four competitive matches without a victory, LASK has recently gotten a bit of a beating. The plans for the future of Coach Oliver Glasner, who will probably leave the club towards the German Bundesliga at the end of the season, cause concern. On Tuesday, however, the change to VfL Wolfsburg was fixed.

Lask vs Sturm Graz Soccer Beting Prediction

Sturm Graz also does not get going in the championship round. After the 1: 2 home defeat on Sunday against the Wolfsberg AC of SK has lost three of the four games of the champion group. Thus, the club from Styria is only on the fifth place in the table. Sturm Graz is currently missing four points in the coveted third place. If you take the game Lask Vs. Sturm Graz the odds of the bookmakers to help, the guests on Wednesday probably can not shorten the gap. The home side will go into the match as clear favorites. The betting base decides against a tip on the outcome of the game, but sets in the game Lask vs Sturm Graz their tip on “Under 2.5 goals” the same as the best football accumulator tips in United Kingdom did last sunday.

Lask – Statistics & Current Form

Since the 2015/16 season, the Linz ASK is coached by Oliver Glasner. In the preseason, the coach led the Upper Austrians as a starter in the first league draw to a great fourth place. This season, the runner-up title is the big goal. But from the next season, the Linzer have to look for a new head coach. At Glasner negotiations with Wolfsburg were successfully completed on Tuesday. If you look at the results of the LASK in recent weeks, the coaching plans could have an impact on the performance of the team. Already eleven years ago, Linz had undergone a similar situation. At that time it was about the change from coach Karl Daxbacher to Austria Vienna. The newcomer LASK had long been involved even in the title race, but missed with only five points from the last eight games even the European Cup.

“We want to finish the season in peace and at a high level, I think that certainly a timely decision will fall. There are several interested parties from the German Bundesliga, which I feel as a great honor and recognition for the achievements that we have all delivered. I listen to it all too. ” – Oliver Glasner

Even Glasner himself had to admit that currently “only” 95 percent of his time belong to the Linzer ASK. With the 2: 2 against Austria on Sunday evening, Linz could not finish his winless series. Although the Athletik-Sport-Club had twice taken the lead in Vienna, they could not conquer the victory. In the usual 3-4-3, the guests hardly got into long ball possession phases due to the effective pressing of the Austria and had to try it early in the game build-up with high balls. Due to the draw against Austria the lead on Wolfsberg melted to six points. The best man of the guests in Vienna was Joao Klauss. The loan from Hoffenheim brought his team twice in front with his two goals. On the other side one noticed with the black-whites also the absence of defending boss Gernot Trauner and Philipp Wiesinger. Both return against Graz back into the squad. The only thing missing is the South Korean In-Pyo Oh.

Expected formation of Lask:
➾ Schlager – Ramsebner, Trauner, Wiesinger – Ranftl, Holland, Michorl, Ullmann – Goiginger, Klauss, Joao Victor

Last matches from Lask:

⚽️ 21.04.2019 – Austria Vienna Vs. Lask 2: 2 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 14.04.2019 – Lask Vs. St. Pölten 0: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 07.04.2019 – Lask Vs. Red Bull Salzburg 0: 2 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 03.04.2019 – Lask Vs. Rapid Vienna 1: 1 (Cup)
⚽️ 31.03.2019 – Wolfsberg Vs. Lask 0: 3 (Bundesliga)

Sturm Graz – Statistics & Current Form

The SK Sturm Graz had finished the regular season of the Austrian Bundesliga still on a good third place behind Salzburg and Linz. But in the championship round things are not going so well for the Styrians. The only points were in the 1-0 victory at the Austria. The goal was “third place” spent. If Salzburg wins the trophy, the club would qualify in third place directly for the Europa League group stage. In the preseason Graz had to celebrate the Cup victory and the runner-up. With the current fifth place, the black and white can hardly be satisfied. On Sunday, there was a bitter 1: 2 home defeat against Wolfsberg for the Grazer. The home side had taken the lead by penalty, but gave the game completely out of hand.

“I am bitter at the team. We have given the team peace in the last few months, but nothing comes back. Slowly I lose patience too. If you lose home games against St. Pölten and WAC, it will be uncomfortable. ” – Head of Sport Günter Kreissl

Although coach Roman Mählich many criticisms such as the “playing out of opportunities,” the “order and security,” the “creativity”, the “last pass” or “good flanks”, the coach continued to woo for leniency. Sporting director Günter Kreissl, however, slowly seems to lose patience and went to the team hard to court. The coach gets but further backing. Third place is still within reach with a gap of four points. To reach this, the club from Styria has to increase as fast as possible. Markus Lackner and Philipp Huspek are questionable against Linz.

Expected formation of Sturm Graz:
➾ Seven Handl – Chef, Maresic, Avlonitis, Mensah – Dominguez, Hierländer, Ljubic – Lema, Pink, Grozurek

Last matches of Sturm Graz:

⚽️ 21.04.2019 – Sturm Graz vs. Wolfsberg 1: 2 (Bundesliga)
⚽️14.04.2019 – Red Bull Salzburg Vs. Sturm Graz 3: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 07.04.2019 – Austria Vienna Vs. Sturm Graz 0: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 31.03.2019 – Sturm Graz vs. St. Pölten 0: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – Sturm Graz vs. Kapfenberg 2: 1 (friendly)

Lask vs Sturm Graz Direct Comparison & Stats Highlights

There have been 50 matches between the Linz Athletics Sport Club and the SK Sturm Graz. With 25 victories, the Grazer have the edge in direct comparison. The Linzer come to 14 victories. There are eleven point divisions. In Upper Austria, there were ten home wins, six draws and nine away wins in the duel between the two clubs. The last game won the LASK 3-0 in Styria. Before that, the LASK had won only once in nine matches against Sturm. During this period, there were six wins for Graz and two draws.

Lask vs Sturm Graz Our Betting Prediction Analyzed

The LASK does not appear for a few weeks with the usual self-evident. Coach Glasner announced his decision on his future before the storm match, now he should be able to focus 100 percent on his current club again. Even with Sturm Graz gapes between claim and reality, a huge gap. At home, the Grazer are content to first play it safe and take the wind out of their sails. In the game forward but lacking creativity. In addition, the team gets nervous, if it does not go that way.

Key Facts – Lask Vs. Sturm Graz tip

✔️ LASK has been waiting for a victory for four competitive games
✔️ Graz has lost three of the four games in the championship round
✔️ The last game against Graz was won by Linz – before that the LASK against storm could only win one of nine duels

Both teams have not been in good shape in the last few weeks, which makes it hard to guess the outcome of the game. The table space and the home advantage for the Linzers certainly speak. But the direct comparison shows that the LASK against storm has been very difficult in recent years. Thus, we decide on the game Lask Vs. Sturm Graz against a prediction on the game outcome. Instead, we set against Lask vs Sturm Graz our tip on “Under 2.5 goals”. In the last six home games of Linz, the value has never exceeded 2.5 goals. The same applies to eight of Graz’s recent nine guest appearances.

Prediction Today: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.90