With Madagascar against Burundi in Group B is the duel of the underdogs! At least the assessment before the first matches of the two newcomers at the Africa Cup was still so. Burundi, however, beat the Super Eagles from Nigeria stronger than expected and conceded a narrow 1-0 defeat. Madagascar even celebrated a point win. The counter got the kickers from the island thanks to a 2: 2 against Guinea. However, Madagascar played the injury of Naby Keita in the cards. The Reds player from Liverpool came in the second half and still did not look fit. Nevertheless, the 107th of the world rankings, however, has proven that you are rightly taking part in the tournament for the first time. This verdict also applies to a brave fighting Burundian selection in the first game against tournament favorite Nigeria.

Soccer Betting Prediction Madagascar vs Burundi

In Madagascar against Burundi, the odds are now very even. Understandable, because the teams are on a similar level. For this reason, Madagascar against Burundi tip provides that there will be a point split and under 2.5 goals will score. Of course, this is not very helpful for an offensively oriented match. The Madagascar against Burundi prediction goes hand in hand with four units.

Madagascar – Statistics & Current Form

The Malagasy sniffed in their opening match shortly at the sensation, as the team was even in the meantime 2-1 against Guinea in front. But the opposing coach brought probably also in terms of the gap just a few minutes later his star Naby Keita of Liverpool into the game, whose substitution immediately boosted the offensive of the Syli National in the episode. Just four minutes later, Guinea’s favored selection fell to equalize. This was also the final result, which Madagascar scored a point at its premiere at the African Cup.

Although the “Barea” was less convincing on offense, as the goals came only after a standard and a collective blackout to defend Guinea, but the defensive made a quite appealing job. The burgeoning success of the country over the past few years has been associated with the name Nicolas Dupuis: since the Frenchman has had the sporting sayings, football is noticeably improving on the world’s fourth-largest island. A problem could be with Madagascar but the fitness. The team has the highest average age of over 28 years. One of the oldies is Jeremy Morel. On the other hand, the 35-year-old has the most experience in the team. For many years, the French-born defender has been playing in Ligue 1 at prestigious clubs such as Olympique Lyon and Marseille, and has played more than 350 games in the top French league.

The “Red Islanders” completed their qualification for the Africa Cup of Nations surprisingly well, which was fixed the first-time participation in the final round. The biggest success in their group matches was certainly the 2: 2 against Senegal. In preparation for the competition, it was not very successful. After a still respectable 3: 3 against Luxembourg, in which two goals conceded in stoppage time, followed by two bankruptcies against Kenya and Mauritania. Although Madagascar’s offensive is not a showpiece, with Carolus Andriamatsinoro it has at least one unerring player. The 29-year-old has scored in three of his last four international matches, which is why Madagascar against Burundi, the odds for another goal by Andriamatsinoro at least for smaller appearances are also interesting.

Expected formation of Madagascar:
↳ Adrien – Mombris – Fontaine – Morel – Ilaimaharita – Anicet – Razakanantenaina – Andrianarimanana – Voavy – Andriatsima – Andriamatsinoro

Last matches of Madagascar:

⚽️ 22.06.2019 – Guinea Vs. Madagascar 2: 2 (Africa Cup)
⚽️ 14.06.2019 – Mauritania Vs. Madagascar 3: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 07.06.2019 – Kenya Vs. Madagascar 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 02.06.2019 – Luxembourg vs. Madagascar 3: 3 (Friendlies)
⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Senegal Vs. Madagascar 2: 0 (Africa Qualification)

Burundi – Statistics & Current Form

Like Madagascar, Burundi celebrates its premiere at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations. The first match was lost with 0: 1, but the opponent was relatively strong with Nigeria. Nevertheless, it was already the fourth international match in the current year without a win. The pre-Africa Cup friendly saw a 2-1 defeat by Tunisia and a 1-1 win over Algeria. The qualification for the Coupe d’Afrique des Nations was nevertheless completed very confidently, since no defeat was retracted, although with Mali a very heavy opponent was represented. The swallows braved the individually unquestionably better-off troupe yet twice a draw.

In the first match, the Hirondelles also flashed attention that the results from the qualifiers did not happen to be that good. However, at the same time the tenacity of the final weakness was clear again: just three hits accomplished the offensive in their recent four internationals. With Frederic Nsabiyumva in the match against Nigeria the best chance in the form of a header against the bar of the opponent’s box was reserved for a defender, underlines the Burundi offensive problem.

Expected formation of Burundi:
↳ Nahimana – Moussa – Duhayindavyi – Nsabiyumva – Ngandu – Bigirimana – Moustapha – Amissi – Kamsoba – Razak – Berahino

Last matches of Burundi:

⚽️ 22.06.2019 – Nigeria Vs. Burundi 1: 0 (Africa Cup)
⚽️ 17.06.2019 – Tunisia Vs. Burundi 2: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Algeria Vs. Burundi 1: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 23.03.2019 – Burundi Vs. Gabon 1: 1 (Africa Championship Qualifiers)
⚽️ 16.11.2018 – South Sudan vs Burundi 2: 5 (Africa Qualification)

Madagascar vs Burundi Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The meeting between Madagascar and Burundi will take place for the first time and the odds are very close.

Madagascar vs Burundi Soccer Betting Prediction Analyzed

Participation in the Africa Cup is a first-time experience for Madagascar and Burundi. The debut succeeded both teams in view of the respective limited playful possibilities quite well. At least Burundi did not want to shoot off Nigeria and only conceded a 0-1 defeat. Madagascar even reached a surprise draw with Guinea which, of course, is the group’s second favorite alongside Nigeria. Nevertheless, the teams appear as equal, which is why the Madagascar against Burundi Tipp provides for a draw.

Key Facts – Madagascar vs Burundi tips

✔️ Both Madagascar and Burundi are taking part in the Africa Cup for the first time
✔️ For the first time, the nations contest a direct duel
✔️ Malagasy started with a 2-2 against Guinea; Burundi lost 1-0 to Nigeria

The prediction also states that a maximum of two goals will be lost. The offensive ranks of both teams can be described as largely harmless. Burundi, for example, scored less than one goal per international game in 2019 and at least one of Madagascar’s two goals against Guinea at the start was a gift from the opposing defense, who allowed themselves a joint microsleep. With only three direct shots on target in the course of the season burned off the attack department otherwise a faint glowing table fireworks offensive. Another parallel is that the countries could not win any international match in 2019.

Prediction Today: Draw & under 2.5 goals
Odds: 3.40