Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln Soccer Betting Prediction – 3.Liga

Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln Soccer Betting Prediction - 3.Liga

Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln Soccer Betting Prediction – 3.Liga

Mannheim goes into the first matchday with major injury concerns


At the beginning of the new season, the Mannheimer is badly shaken. The blue-blacks receive the guests from Cologne at the end of the first day of the match and fight with serious injury concerns. So it is not surprising that the bookmakers in the game Mannheim against Viktoria Köln do not make a positive prediction for a home win for the home side.

The hosts are certainly not among the top teams in the league that will ultimately make the promotion among themselves. The hot candidates here are Dynamo Dresden, Ingolstadt, and Duisburg. The Viktoria are to be given good outsider chances and it will be exciting to see whether the guests stir up the top group.

In the Carl-Benz Stadium, the black-white-reds go into the race as favorites, although one or the other player will miss the opener due to injury.

Betting Prediction: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 2.30

Mannheim – Statistics & current form

Head coach Patrick Glöckner, who followed in the big footsteps of Bernhard Trares at the beginning of the season, caused headaches. At the national cup game on Wednesday evening, he had only 13 players from the professional squad available, but the game was won 4-0.

Mannheim last year with a bad third of the season

In the last season, the Württemberger was surprised as a newcomer and stayed for a long time in the top third of the table of the 3rd division. But a dry spell at the end of the season caused Waldhof to crash in the table so that at the end of the day there was no more than ninth place. Still a remarkable result for a climber, of course.

In the summer, some regulars left the club, so that in the new season, only relegation may be given as the goal. The required ominous 40 points should be achieved as quickly as possible.

Great personnel worries at coach Glöckner

But against the Cologne, who are counted by some coaches in the extended circle of promotion, coach Glöckner has to improvise. Verlaat and Christiansen are still in quarantine and Scholz, Seegert, Gohlke, Diring, and Schuster are all unavailable due to injuries. This means that all three regular central defenders are not ready for action.


The probable lineup of Mannheim:
Bartels – Hofrath, Just, Marx – Garcia, Ünlücifci, Saghiri, Costly – Ferati – Donkor, Martinovic

Last matches from Mannheim:

09/13 2020 Waldhof Mannheim 1 – 2 SC Freiburg
3rd league
07/04 2020 Waldhof Mannheim 0 – 0 FSV Zwickau
07/01 2020 Eintracht Braunschweig 3 – 2 Waldhof Mannheim
06/27 2020 Waldhof Mannheim 0 – 0 Prussia Munster
06/24 2020 Ingolstadt 2 – 0 Waldhof Mannheim

Viktoria Koln – Statistics & current form

A team that is traded as a secret favorite for promotion is Viktoria from Cologne. After all, seven of the twenty coaches voted for the right side of the Rhine when it came to the question of which team would be eligible for the leap into the 2nd division. Only Dresden and Ingolstadt received more votes.

In the first year in the 3rd division, the Cologne team reached the twelfth place in the table as a promoted team. But especially at the end of the season, the black-white-reds showed what they are made of. In the last six games of last season, head coach Pavel Dotchev’s team suffered only one defeat but had four threesomes on the other side.

Koln strengthened itself with well-known players

With Rossmann (Almelo), Thiele (Kaiserslautern), Klingenburg (Dresden), and Risse (1. FC Cologne), well-known reinforcements were presented that indicate the path of Viktoria. It should go further up. As manager Franz Wunderlich notes, the top third of the table is targeted: “Last season we showed what we can do, especially in the second half of the season. We’re targeting sixth place. That would be a good result. ”

Koln is also not free from injury concerns

However, the Höhenberger are not free from bad luck with injuries. Talent Alexander Höck tore a cruciate ligament in the preparatory game against Wegberg-Beeck and will now be absent for a few months. Fritz and De Vita are also likely to miss the start due to injuries.


Probable lineup of Viktoria Köln:
Mielitz – Koronkiewicz, Klingenburg, Holthaus, Rossmann – Klefisch, Lorch – Cueto, Hajrovic, Holzweiler – Thiele

Last matches from Viktoria Köln:

Club friendship games
09/03 2020 PSV Eindhoven 1 – 1 Viktoria Koln 1904
08/14 2020 Hertha Berlin 2 – 0 Viktoria Koln 1904
3rd league
07/04 2020 KFC Uerdingen 1 – 1 Viktoria Koln 1904
07/01 2020 Viktoria Koln 1904 5 – 1 Würzburger Kickers
06/27 2020 Kaiserslautern 3 – 0 Viktoria Koln 1904

Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln – Direct comparison

The first duels between the two teams took place in last year’s season as a newcomer. The first leg in Cologne ended after a spectacular first half, after which the final result was already determined, with 2-2 goals. In the second leg, the Waldhöfer won in their stadium. It was 2: 1 at the end of 90 minutes.

Due to the injury misery, it will be difficult to repeat this success. The betting providers see it similarly and do not make a good prediction for a win for the hosts in the match between Mannheim and Viktoria Köln, as the odds comparison of the betting base shows.

Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln – betting odds comparison

Betting Prediction: Mannheim
Odds: 2.62
Betting Prediction: Draw
Odds: 3.5
Betting Prediction: Viktoria Koln
Odds: 2.3

Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln Soccer Betting Prediction

The first day of the match ends with a duel between the Waldhöfern and Viktoria. The guests are highly valued by the league’s competitors and they even trust them to play an important role in the fight for promotion.

So the start is correspondingly difficult for the home side. Especially since the hospital is full and it is not clear whether another player will be fit before kick-off. Accordingly, the hosts also take on the outsider role in this game. In the match between Mannheim and Viktoria Köln, odds of 3.00 at the top are paid for a bet on the blue-blacks.

Key facts – Mannheim vs Viktoria Koln tips

Mannheim with major injuries
Viktoria is the secret favorite for the ascent
Cologne strengthened itself with experienced actors

We gladly endorse the advance praise. The commitments made indicate that the guests want to see themselves in the upper part of the table. With Risse, Klingenburg, and Thiele, experienced players were signed with whom the black-white-reds want to take the next step. We follow the bookmakers and recommend in the game Mannheim vs Viktoria Köln the tip on the guests at odds of 2.35 at the top.

In this way, the home side will probably first secure the defensive, so that in the match between Mannheim and Viktoria Köln with odds of 2.30 the bet on a duel with a maximum of two goals can be risked with a small stake.

Betting Prediction: Viktoria Koln
Odds: 2.35