Montenegro vs Belarus Soccer Betting Predictions

Montenegro vs Belarus Soccer Betting Predictions

Montenegro finished the European Championship qualifiers with a historic defeat against the “Three Lions” from England. The Falcons lost at Wembley Stadium 0: 7 and thus conceded the highest ever defeat of the young association history. Thus miss the Montenegrin football kicker again a participation in the European Championship.

Montenegro vs Belarus Soccer Betting Prediction

The Falcons were eliminated in a qualifying group with England, Czech Republic, Kosovo and Bulgaria as group last. With only three goals and just as many points, there were disastrous performances by Montenegro in eight group matches. At the end of this international break, the Montenegrin national team meets Belarus and hopes for a conciliatory conclusion.

At the catastrophic performance against the “Three Lions” there was nothing to complain about. Montenegro finished with 0: 7 and was lucky that in the end it was not a double-digit result. Although the Montenegrin Falken were at half-time with 0: 5, in the second round not a single shot was fired at the Englishman’s goal.

Actually motivated the Balkan kickers on the island but did not act anyway. In contrast, Belarus showed at least good approaches in the European Championship qualification, but is as well as Montenegro eliminated. However, the UEFA Nations League playoffs still have the chance to play in the European Championship.

At the last game of this international break the Belorussians will be in Podgorica. The bookies see Montenegro against Belarus as odd favorites, but a tip on the hosts does not seem like the best bet. According to the recent performances of both teams, we see a draw as a realistic outcome.

Montenegro – Statistics & Current Form

So far, the Montenegrin hawks have never qualified for a major competition. The group-out in this year’s European Championship qualification was therefore not exactly surprising. With only three goals and three points from the eight group games Montenegro put down a historically bad record in qualifying.

Even Balkan neighbor Kosovo delivered better results than Montenegro. At the same time, the roster squad is by no means bad. Stefan Savic and Stevan Jovetic, for example, have well-known players in the national team.

Coach Faruk Hadzibegic will have to make do without his two protetced in this international break. In addition, Montenegro still missing other players in the squad, which would have start-up potential. The hospital has increased again after the England game, which is why in the friendly match against Belarus some changes will be expected.

In the last eleven international matches Montenegro won only once. Since winning the home win over Hungary, the Falcons have been victorious four times in succession and did not score a single goal. If the Tormisere continues, lucrative odds against Belarus can be tapped for a goal-poor encounter in Montenegro.

In fact, a lot does not speak in favor of an open exchange of blows between the two nations. The dismantling of the Englishmen Montenegro has not really coped with in the short time. It is therefore not unlikely that Montenegro will calm down the home game against Belarus, at least to achieve a conciliatory conclusion to this international break.

Expected formation of Montenegro:
➲ Mijatovic – Radunovic, Simic, Sofranac, Vesovic – Hocko, Lagator, Vukcevic – Jovovic, Haksabanovic – Beqiraj

Last matches of Montenegro:

⚽️ 14.11.2019 – England vs. Montenegro 7: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 14.10.2019 – Kosovo vs. Montenegro 2: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 11.10.2019 – Montenegro Vs. Bulgaria 0: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 10.09.2019 – Montenegro Vs. Czech Republic 0: 3 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 05.09.2019 – Montenegro vs. Hungary 2: 1 (friendly)

Belarus – Statistics & Current Form

Like Montenegro, Belarus failed to qualify for the European Championship, but still gets a second chance at the first European Championship participation in the history of the association. In the playoffs of the UEFA Nations League namely feasible tasks, which is why the big goal can be achieved.

But before it goes into the decisive playoff games in March, there are still some tests. This international break is completed with the match against Montenegro. Previously, Belarus completed the last group match against the German national team and said goodbye with a 0: 4 from the qualification.

For more than 40 minutes, the Belorussian defense was able to counter the German offensive. But shortly before the end of the first round Ginter scored the goal for the German national team, which changed the tactical alignment of the coach also promptly. In the second half, there was much more freedom for the German national team, which could thus continue to expand the leadership.

Thus, Belarus finished as group penultimate the European Championship qualification. On the positive impressions from the last two group matches, it is in the playoffs of the Nations League tie. In the friendly against Montenegro coach Mikhail Markhel will rotate properly, especially as many players have already left in the national squad.

In this calendar year, the Belarusians have won only a single international match so far. In the friendly match between Montenegro and Belarus, a prediction on the guests is therefore not exactly recommended.

Expected formation of Belarus:
➲ Gutor – Polyakov, Naumov, Martynovich, Matvejchik – Nekhajchik, Maevskiy, Dragun, Kovalev – Laptev, Stasevich

Last matches of Belarus:

⚽️ 16.11.2019 – Germany vs Belarus 4: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 13.10.2019 – Belarus vs. Netherlands 1: 2 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 10.10.2019 – Belarus vs Estonia 0: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 09.09.2019 – Wales vs. Belarus 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.09.2019 – Estonia Vs. Belarus 1: 2 (European Championship Qualification)

Montenegro vs Belarus Direct Comparison

For the fourth time, the two nations meet in a test match. The first clash won the Montenegrin hawks. Most recently, Montenegro’s consensus against Belarus has proved to be a draw two times in a row.

Montenegro vs Belarus Soccer Betting Prediction

Montenegro finished the European Championship qualification with a debacle against the “Three Lions”. With 0: 7, the hawks were swept off the field by the English. It is the highest defeat in the still young association history of Montenegro. Before it goes back to the league everyday life on the club level, now is a test match against Belarus.

The guests are also eliminated from the European Championship qualifier, but in contrast to Montenegro have yet another chance on the European Championship ticket. Belarus have won the league title in UEFA Europa League D and will be in the play-offs.

Key Facts – Montenegro vs Belarus Tips

📌 Belarus won only one international match this calendar year.
📌 Montenegro will be without home league leaders against Belarus.
📌 Montenegro suffered a historic 7-0 defeat by England in their last international match.

In the next test matches, the Belarusians will certainly be in for a lot of rotation, especially as Markhel has already tested some new players in recent international matches. To conclude this international break we would expect a balanced friendly match between Montenegro and Belarus and therefore dare a tip on the draw.

Although both teams have not really much to lose, the offensive ideas of both teams were manageable. For the draw Montenegro against Belarus offers betting odds of up to 3.20. We choose a bet of four units.

Competition: friendly match
Date: 19.11.2019
Prediction Today: Draw (X)
Odds: 3.20
Stake: 4/10 units