Tuesday, the Netherlands face Japan for a place in the quarterfinals of the Women’s World Cup. Both teams will want to win to reach the quarterfinals of the competition.

Netherlands vs Japan Soccer Betting Prediction

European champions, the Netherlands arrived in France with the intention of achieving a beautiful World Cup. They have in any case given the means to do so by finishing in the first place of their group. Indeed, the Dutch won their 3 games in the first round of this World Cup. They first dominated New Zealand (1-0) before easily defeating Cameroon (3-1). Finally, in a decisive match for the first place of this group, they won against Canada (2-1).
Titled in 2011 and finalist in 2015, Japan obviously appeared as one of the favorite teams in the title. And yet, the blue Samurai failed their first round by failing to beat an Argentinian team yet far from formidable (0-0). Then they had a hard time getting rid of Scotland but finally managed to win (2-1). Finally, against England, they confirmed this excitement and were beaten (2-0).

Headcount for Netherlands vs Japan

On the Netherlands side, there is a full group including Montpellier Anouk Dekker and Lyonnaise Shanice van de Sanden who should be holders as the excellent attacker Arsenal Vivianne Mieidema.
For Japan, almost all players play in the national championship. We can still report the presence of Lyonnaise and Captain Saki Kumagai. The offensive duo should consist of Iwabuchi and Sugasawa, all of whom found the net on the last day. The starting 11 should also be renewed in the same way.

The compositions for Netherlands vs Japan

The probable composition of the Netherlands:
Van Veenandaal – Van Lunteren, Dekker, Bloodworth, Van Dongen – Roord, Spitse, Van de Donk – Van de Sanden, Miedema, Martens.
Absent: None.
Uncertain: None

The tactical provision provided (4-3-3):
Van Veenandaal
Van Lunteren – Blood Dekker – Van Dongen
Roord – Spitse – Van de Bonk
Van de Sanden – Miedema – Martens

The probable composition of Japan:
Yamashita – Shimizu, Kumagai, Ichise, Sameshima – Nakajima, Miura, Sugita, Endo – Sugasawa, Iwabuchi.
Absent: None.
Unsure: None.

The probable tactical arrangement (4-4-2):
Shimizu – Kumagai – Ichise – Sameshima
Nakajima – Miura – Sugita – Endo
Sugasawa – Iwabushi

The history of confrontations Netherlands vs Japan

The two teams have played each other 6 times and are tied with 3 wins each.

Key points of the prediction Netherlands vs Japan

– The Japanese women were very disappointing in the first round.
– On their side, the Netherlands remain on 6 wins of rank in all competitions.
– There have never been draws between the two teams.

Netherlands vs Japan Our Soccer Prediction

Stronger and more confident, the Netherlands should be able to win in this round of 16. Victory of the Netherlands

Prediction Today: Victory of the Netherlands
Odds: 1.82