Porto vs Braga Soccer Betting Predictions

Porto vs Braga Soccer Betting Predictions

So far, Porto have played seven home games in the Primeira Liga. The result: the maximum of 21 points with a goal difference of 18: 0. A home vest cannot shine even whiter.

Porto vs Braga Soccer Betting Prediction

Now the Dragões want to bring this home strength against Sporting Braga on the pitch again. After all, the gap to Ligaprimus Benfica is already four points. But because the eagles have to go abroad in the Lisbon city derby, this matchday could also be a chance for Porto to make up ground.

At Porto against Braga, the odds of the bookmakers swing quite clearly towards the home side. No wonder given the home numbers mentioned at the beginning.

The Arcebispos may play a solid season as fifth in the current Primeira Liga table. The gap to the Dragões is already 17 points, which is important for the forecast against Porto against Braga.

We therefore think the underdog’s point gain is unlikely. Already the away goal in the Estádio do Dragão should be difficult. Accordingly, we recommend the tip on the home win of the favorites without conceding at Porto against Braga.

Porto – statistics & current form

FC Porto has won everything there is to win nationally and internationally. Even two world cups (1987 and 2004) are in the sacred halls of the clubhouse. The Azuis e brancos have also won 28 Portuguese championships so far.

However, to be the country’s record champion is not enough. In this ranking, Benfica Lisbon is still ahead with 37 titles. Also because the kites have rarely passed the eagles in recent years.

In the last six seasons, FC Porto was only able to outpace the competition in the 2018/19 season. Otherwise, the runner-up was mostly booked. So also last summer, when only two points were missing at the end.

“We live from the results. If we had done a great job but had spent ourselves, more criticism would have been announced tomorrow. […] Now I’m looking at Braga and the difficulties that await us. That is the most important thing at the moment. We will then talk about the trophy again in good time. ” – Sérgio Conceição at jn.pt

At the moment there are four points behind Benfica. Bitter, especially since the Dragões have only suffered a single defeat of the season so far and have won 13 of their 16 league games. Even the away game at Benfica ended with a 2: 0 for the group of Sérgio Conceição, who only failed with promoted Gil Vicente.

The hope is all the greater that the Encarnados will one day fail again. Accordingly, Porto will squint at the Estádio José Alvalade XXI, where the Lisbon city derby rises shortly after the final whistle of their home game against Braga.

Of course, the Dragões want to exert maximum pressure on their long-term rivals by presenting three points. At Porto against Braga, this is also highly likely according to bookmaker odds. After all, the Estádio do Dragão has been a completely impregnable fortress on a national level.

Another advantage is that Sérgio Conceição currently has no significant injury concerns. Only the 36-year-old defender Pepe is missing due to his leg injury. The rest of the squad is ready to expand the home series.

There was only a small scratch in the paintwork in Taça de Portugal, when Underdog Varzim ended up with only a 2-1 victory at home. However, while sparing numerous regular players, only three days later a fresh Porto team should be on the pitch.

Best scorers in the league:
🏆 Zé Luis (7 goals)
🏆 Alex Telles, Moussa Marega and Tiquinho Soares (5 goals each)

Probable lineup of Porto:
➲ Marchesín – Telles – Leite – Mbemba – Corona – Uribe – Pereira – Marega – Nakajima – Otávio – Tiquinho

Last games from Porto:

⚽️ Jan 14, 2020 – Porto vs. Varzim 2: 1 (cup)
⚽️ 01/10/2020 – Moreirense vs. Porto 2: 4 (Primeira Liga)
⚽️ 01/05/2020 – Sporting Lisbon vs. Porto 1: 2 (Primeira Liga)
⚽️ 12/22/2019 – DG Chaves vs. Porto 2: 4 (League Cup)
⚽️ 19.12.2019 – Porto vs. Santa Clara 1-0 (Cup)

Braga – statistics & current form

Sporting Braga – by the way, even employers of today’s Porto coach Sérgio Conceição from 2014 to 2015 – is nowhere near the success of the Dragões.

The Portuguese championship has so far been denied to the Arcebispos. Only the Taça de Portugal, which has been held since 1938, won the minhotos twice in 1966 and 2016. In addition, the Taça da Liga 2013.

This tells the story of all the team’s successes, which in 2011 would have made a huge splash internationally when the Guerreiros do Minho fought their way through to the finals in the Europa League. But it was the host of today who put a stop to the greatest success in the club’s history so far – Braga lost just under 0-1 in Dublin against Porto.

All the more, the followers of the Arsenalistas long to return the dragon for it. Ending their home series and thereby bursting any master dreams would certainly be balm for the fans’ souls.

Even so, a threesome would more than suit Arcebispos. The fourth place in the Primeira Liga, which entitles to participate in the qualification round for the Europa League, is currently missing five points. But because there is Sporting Lisbon, which has a tough time at home against Ligaprimus Benfica, the gap could be narrowed on matchday 17.

In view of the Dragões ‘home record, it does not appear promising to play at Braguistas’ point win against Porto against Braga. The fifth in the table arrives at least with plenty of momentum.

So the trainer Rúben Amorim, who was only installed on December 23, 2019, who was initially met with skepticism because of his only 34 Lenze, has so far been exactly the right man to kiss the Guerreiros do Minho from hibernation.

In the first away game under the leadership of the 14-time Portuguese international, Braga won 7-1 at Belenenses before another three (2-1) came at the dress rehearsal against Tondela on Sunday. Now it is time to expand this series.

The away game in Porto is followed by the semi-final in the Taça da Liga against Sporting Lisbon, where the Arcebispos have a good chance of winning the title.

Best scorers in the league:
🏆 Paulinho (8 goals)
🏆 Ricardo Horta and Galeno (4 goals each)

Probable lineup of Braga:
➲ Matheus – Silva – Viana – Tormena – Costa – Fransérgio – Palhinha – Esgaio – Horta – Paulinho – Trincao

Last games from Braga:

⚽️ 01/12/2020 – Braga vs. CD Tondela 2: 1 (Primeira Liga)
⚽️ 01/04/2020 – Belenenses Lisbon vs. Braga 1: 7 (Primeira Liga)
⚽️ 12/22/2019 – FC Paços de Ferreira vs. Braga 1: 4 (League Cup)
⚽️ 18.12.2019 – Benfica Lisbon vs. Braga 2: 1 (cup)
⚽️ 15.12.2019 – Braga vs. FC Paços de Ferreira 0: 1 (Primeira Liga)

Porto vs Braga Direct comparison & statistics highlights

Head to head: 44 – 12 – 9

65 clashes between FC Porto and Sporting Braga were recorded and in 44 cases the favored Dragões went off as winners. In the last eight games in a row, there has been no single victory for the Arcebispos.

Large titles have already been played in this duel. In 2011 Porto won the Europa League after a Falcao goal against Braga. Five years later, the Minhotos in the Taça de Portugal returned the favor when a 6: 4 victory after a penalty shootout was recorded in 2016.

The last away win at the Estádio do Dragão has to be searched for a long time. This goes back to the 2004/05 season when Braga won 3-1 in Porto.

Porto vs Braga Soccer Betting Prediction

For Porto against Brage, the prediction is heavily influenced by the home strength of the Dragões, who won all seven league games at home and have not yet conceded a single goal in league operations in front of their own fans.

It will be correspondingly difficult for the guests who have lost half of their away games in the Primeira Liga to break through this series.

The new trainer Rúben Amorim could certainly be a factor. In view of the fact that his opponent Sérgio Conceição does not have to compensate for any significant losses and spared many regular players in the cup game on Tuesday, it would be very presumptuous to bet on a point win by the underdogs.

Key facts – Porto vs Braga tips

📌 Braga last won on January 30, 2005 at the Estádio do Dragão
📌 Porto won all seven home games and is still without conceding at home
📌 Braga lost half of all away games in league operations

So the big question is how to boost Porto 1 against Braga tip 1 to maximize the chances of winning, and because of the white home vest, the bet on a further zero victory for the Dragões is of course necessary.

For Porto against Braga, odds of up to 2.50 are available, which promises a perfect ratio of risk and probability of occurrence and thus entails a lot of value. Five units can be invested in this bet.

Competition: Primeira Liga
Date: Jan 17, 2020
Prediction Today: Porto
Odds: 2.5
Stake: 5/10 units