Real Madrid vs Arsenal Soccer Predictions 24/07/2019

Real Madrid vs Arsenal Betting Predictions

The SSV Ulm is stronger than Inter Milan – this daring prediction can be justified with a simple “triple comparison”. Ulm struck in the preseason in the first round of the DFB Cup Eintracht Frankfurt and the Hesse throw later in the season, the Italians from the Europa League. With that, the regional league would have to be stronger than Inter. Everyone should be aware that this comparison lags. With this logic, it would be pretty easy to give a tip to the English in the upcoming match in the Champions Cup between Real Madrid and Arsenal London.

Soccer Betting Prediction Real Madrid vs Arsenal

The Gunners have recently won 2-1 against Bayern, while Real defeated Munich 1-3 in Houston last weekend. This is of course not really meaningful. For one, the failure of the Madrilenians was the first test match ever in preparation, on the other hand changed coach Zinedine Zidane at half-time his entire team completely, while Nik Kovac sometimes sent his best team on the pitch.

Maybe it’s the other way around. Arsenal can experiment a little more in this game, since there is already a victory to book. The Spaniards, on the other hand, do not want to say goodbye to two defeats and are a little more inspired to take the duel in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday seriously. In any case, there are plenty of question marks before the game between Real Madrid and Arsenal, which makes it difficult to estimate bookmakers’ odds. The bookmakers are clearly in favor of the Royal and have odds Iberian success at a 2.00 average, while for a Londoner’s success, there is a 3.50 odds at the top.

Real Madrid – Statistics & Current Form

More than 60,000 spectators followed the test match in the Champions Cup between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The duel of the two big rivals offered a lot of conversation, provided entertainment and was a first location test in the pre-season. Four goals and some niches were required over the 90 minutes and the character of a friendly match had the match under any circumstances. At least, these big clubs are all about prestige.

That’s why Real coach Zinedine Zidane also had his supposedly best team start at the start of the match. Benzema, Asensio and newcomer Eden Hazard from Chelsea London formed the front three-row series. Kroos Isco and Modric were behind in midfield. The defense was led by captain Sergio Ramos. In the box stood with Tibous Courtois also the new number 1. The star ensemble from the Spanish capital did not show a bad first round and earned himself some scoring opportunities, all of which Manuel Neuer was able to thwart. Since the Bayern slammed in person of Tolisso ice cold, was with the Madrilenes visually a bit stronger team forward. At break Zidane then changed his team completely and gave the players from the second row a test.

As Niko Kovac on the other side staffed even further, it was no wonder that the Munich earned the game in the end with 3: 1. For Real, this first bankruptcy in preparation was no shame; the approaches were recognizable. However, the protected of the French star coach would now like in the second game also in the result for positive headlines. Whether Zidane has the same approach as in the Bayern game and at the beginning sends all the stars on the lawn or if he exchanges this time a little more will show.

Definitely not going to be on board is Gareth Bale. Once again, the Welshman only causes a stir after the sporting events, after Zidane has publicly and directly suggested that he should leave the club. His adviser countered this with sharp words. Currently, the royal factions can not use these secondary battlefields if they want to prepare optimally for the new season and possible return to the European throne. It is expected that the players in the second game now like to make a first statement and therefore is between Real Madrid and Arsenal London a prediction or even a tip in the direction of the Spaniards certainly not wrong.

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⚽️ 21.07.2019 – Bayern vs Real Madrid 3: 1 (International Champions Cup)
⚽️ 19.05.2019 – Real Madrid vs. Betis Sevilla 0: 2 (La Liga)
⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Real Sociedad Vs. Real Madrid 3: 1 (La Liga)
⚽️ 05/05/2019 – Real Madrid vs. Villarreal 3: 2 (La Liga)
⚽️ 28.04.2019 – Rayo Vallecano Vs. Real Madrid 1-0 (La Liga)

Arsenal – Statistics & Current Form

Arsenal London is a bit further in preparation than many other teams. Alone the four completed test matches show how hungry the Gunners are. After a 3: 3 against Boreham Wood and a 3-0 against the Colorado Rapids followed the games in the Champions Cup. The 2: 1 against Bayern was very handsome and especially offensively inspired the Londoners the audience. Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Özil and Lacazette – all four stars were together in the starting lineup and coach Unai Emery has proved that the question in attack is not only which of these players plays, but also whether they may be together on the pitch.

This flexibility is a clear trump card and also became clear against the Fiorentina. With 3: 0, the Italians were clearly defeated. However, none of the established stars, but a youngster, took center stage. The 20-year-old Edward Nketiah, who has already scored against Bayern during his brief stint, tied a double brace against Fiorentina and was then allowed to leave the pitch amidst applause.

The Gunners’ youth work seems to continue to work, and at least for the medium-term future, Nketiah seems to be an interesting alternative to the offensive. Maybe he will get another chance against Real on Wednesday to present himself on the big stage. It is more likely that coach Emery again the approach of the first game against Bayern chooses and starts with the best of the game, then in the course of 90 minutes to give all players minutes of use.

As so far all “test matches” the Londoners will take the duel with the royals very seriously. Great greed and desire for titles is felt after the lost Europa League final in the preseason, and Arsenal FC’s pre-season preparations are working hard to build on past successes both nationally and internationally.

Last matches from Arsenal:

⚽️ 21.07.2019 – Arsenal Vs. Fiorentina 3: 0 (International Champions Cup)
⚽️ 18.07.2019 – Arsenal Vs. Bayern 2: 1 (International Champions Cup)
⚽️ 16.07.2019 – Colorado vs. Arsenal 0: 3 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 29.05.2019 – Chelsea Vs. Arsenal 4: 1 (Europa League)
⚽️ 12.05.2019 – Burnley Vs. Arsenal 1: 3 (Premier League)

Real Madrid vs Arsenal Direct Comparison

Although there are two very well-known clubs and one should think that they have often met in recent years, between Real Madrid and Arsenal London a prediction of direct comparison is not there. In fact, the last clash has been over a decade and took place during the Emirates Cup.

The last two competitive games were in 2006 in the second round of the premier class. At that time, the Gunners sat down after a 1-0 in the Bernabeu and a goalless draw at home and moved into the quarter-finals. A certain Thierry Henry provided the golden goal.

Real Madrid vs Arsenal Our Best Soccer Prediction Explained

As mentioned at the beginning, it was easy to argue why odds might be interesting for Londoners between Real Madrid and Arsenal. The Gunners are in the preparation a bit further, have played four test matches and also last against Bayern (2: 1) and Florence (3: 0) convinced while at Real so far only the defeat against the Munich (1: 3) to book stands. But it is safe to say that the Madrilenians will take the match on Wednesday very seriously.

Modric, Isco, Hazard and Co. want to avoid a second defeat at the Champions Cup. That’s why Zinedine Zidane may be out in the field for more than 45 minutes. The quality of the Spaniards is incredibly high. If the players their potential as in halftime 1 against Bayern retrieve and then use their scoring more consistent, then a victory against the British is in it.

Key Facts – Real Madrid vs Arsenal tips

📌 Real wants to convince after the opening defeat against Bayern this time unconditionally also result technically
📌 The Gunners have been a bit “lucky” in their previous games and are therefore overrated a bit
📌 The last duel between the two big European clubs is more than ten years old

Another indication of why Real Madrid and Arsenal do not fit the odds for a tip on the Gunners are the results against Bayern and Florenz. In both games Unai Emery’s squad did not necessarily have the better team and the statistics spoke more for the other team. However, since both matches were won, the English capital club may now be overestimated.

The prediction may be ventured that this time it does not go so well again and indicates the first defeat in the preparation. Zinedine Zidane will take his players and hire them well. If the Spaniards then exhaust their potential, at least a 50% Spanish success is in it and the value in the match between Real Madrid and Arsenal is unmistakable given the betting odds in this tip. Five units are appropriate as the bet size.

Prediction Today: 1
Odds: 2,00