Regar Tadaz Tursunzade vs Istaravshan Soccer Betting Prediction

Regar Tadaz Tursunzade vs Istaravshan Soccer Betting Prediction

Regar Tadaz Tursunzade vs Istaravshan Soccer Betting Prediction

FK Regar-TadAZ still hopes to be spared defeat in the home stadium against FK Istaravshan

On matchday three in Tajikistan, FK Regar-TadAZ will take on FK Istaravshan. On 18.03.2020, this game in the Vyshaya League will kick off. Neither have won their first two games. This pairing has already occurred more frequently, with some being between 2012 and 2015. Nevertheless, Regar-TadAZ often emerged as the winner, although the draws should not be neglected either. In order to provide you with an experienced prediction about the game and well-founded information about the most lucrative betting variants, experts subjected both teams to a detailed analysis.

Regar Tadaz Tursunzade

Have won against Istaravshan more often
Are rather weak at home
Make the somewhat stronger squad


Have never won against FK Regar-TadAZ away
Are extremely weak abroad
Have decided only 2 out of 11 games against Regar-TadAZ

Will FK Regar-TadAZ remain undefeated at home against FK Istaravshan?

The team from Tursunsoda in Tajikistan ended the opening game of the 2020 season with a 0: 0 against FK Kutosh, so they could get 1 point. The second game they lost to FC Faizkand 3-2 after they managed to make it 1-1 at halftime. So that we could get a better impression of FK Regar-TadAZ, we looked at the year 2019 somewhat. They finished last season in 3rd place in the table. They presented the third weakest team to their home crowd. They won only 4 out of 12 games, were able to provide 4 draws and had to surrender four times. They scored 17 times, but allowed 16 points. But they were hardly any better away. Only 4 wins and 2 draws were possible. They surrendered three times. The goal balance of 14:14 shows their weakness in defense. However, Istaravshan is not really better in that regard. Overall, their offensive is the third best and their defensive the fifth best, out of 8 possible places. They are really superior to Istaravshan.

Can FK Istaravshan celebrate his 3rd win against FK Regar-TadAZ?

The team from Istaravshan lost the opening game of the 2020 season against Khatlon Bokhtar 2-1 after leading 0-1 at halftime. In the second game they lost 0-3 against FK Kuktosh. We also looked at the past season with them. In 2019, they finished 5th in the table. They were the second weakest offensive and the second weakest defensive last year. They were also the second weakest away team. They won only 2 out of 10 games and won 1 draw. They had to accept 7 losses. They scored 8 times and allowed 21 goals. At home they were the third best. They won 6 of 11 games and made 2 draws. They surrendered three times. They were good for 16 goals and in return conceded 11 points. In all of these facts, they are inferior to their competitors, which is why they will probably have to fight hard against them. All in all, they won 3 of the past 5 games, which go back to 2019, and lost the last 2. In this respect they are superior to Rega-TadAZ, because their upcoming opponents have decided only 1 out of 5 games, were able to provide 3 draws and lost the last game.

FK Regar-TadAZ vs FK Istaravshan direct comparison

11 games between these two clubs took place between 03.06.2012 and 20.10.2019. The team from Tursunsoda won 7 games and Istaravshan only 2. 2 more draws were possible. Not a single home game has lost Regar-TadAZ, but won 4 and 2 draws. In 9 of these 11 games over 2.5 goals were scored and only in 3 only 1 team scored. Last season, Regar won the home game 5-2 and Istaravshan won the home game 2-1.

FK Regar-TadAZ vs FK Istaravshan Soccer Betting Prediction

We assume that Regar Tadaz Tursunzade will win this game and can advise a tip 1. However, it is advisable to look at the odds comparison, because the odds are very volatile here. In over / under betting, we would bet on under 3.5 goals and place a yes on both teams. However, the odds here are very modest.

Betting Prediction: Under 3.5 goals
Odds: 1.75