Sandhausen vs Heidenheim Soccer Betting Predictions

Sandhausen vs Heidenheim Soccer Betting Predictions

What is the perfect way to bet on the number of goals? This option is probably best of all to be backed up by statistics, numbers and data. Using the example of SV Sandhausen and Heidenheim, the forecast will be explained on a under-tip. Of the last six league games of the home side, four ended with a maximum of two goals – this corresponds to a percentage of 66%.

Sandhausen vs Heidenheim Soccer Betting Prediction

The same applies to the guests from Brenz. In three of the last five duels between the two clubs in Sandhausen, the under 2.5 goals mark was undercut. Here, too, the probability is over 50%. Finally, the question remains whether these numbers are currently just a trend or a permanent state.

If you consider that the FCH is the best defense in the league and that the SVS has conceded the fourth least goal of all teams in the lower house, the impression remains that it is not a coincidence. In the end, this creates the impression that the odds for a rather low-goal encounter between Sandhausen and Heidenheim are the best choice.

At the end of the game, the bookmakers favor the home team with a top rate of 2.35, while bets on the away win are rewarded with a 3.25.

Sandhausen – Statistics & current form

The series is broken. After the 0: 1 on match day 10 in Regensburg, SV Sandhausen was unbeaten in league 2 for nine games and moved into the front half of the table. Last weekend it was time again and Uwe Koschinat’s team lost 0-2 to 1. FC Nürnberg in Franconia.

With 62% possession and 15:12 shots on goal, the guests were not necessarily the worse team. But even the club’s red card and a penalty were of no use. Paqarada missed the big chance to connect after almost an hour and the guests ended up getting nothing.

Now it’s about maintaining a second series. At home in the Hardtwald, the Koschinat protected have been undefeated since day two. In order not to let the cushion on the relegation zone melt any further, the next success will take place on Friday in front of a home backdrop.

Relegation place 16 is currently seven meters away, which still seems quite comfortable. However, in League 2 it is often very fast. There are no major changes in the starting line-up in terms of personnel.

After a defeat, there is really no reason to panic. Between Sandhausen and Heidenheim, the prediction can be dared that the home side will continue to appear confident and with a broad chest.

➲ Predicted line-up (4-1-2-1-2): Fraisl; Diekmeier, Nauber, Zhirov, Paqarada; Paurevic; Linsmayer, Frey; Halimi; Bouhaddouz, Behrens
➲ Unavailable: Karl (Injured), Zenga (Injured)
➲ Doubtful: Klingmann (Injured), Hauk (Injured)

Last games from Sandhausen:

⚽️ 02.02.2020 – Nuremberg vs. SV Sandhausen 2: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ Jan 29, 2020 – Osnabrück vs. SV Sandhausen 1: 3 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/20/2020 – SV Sandhausen vs. Sanluqueño 2-1 (friendly game)
⚽️ 01/20/2020 – SV Sandhausen vs. Sevilla 3: 1 (friendly match)
⚽️ Jan 17, 2020 – SV Sandhausen vs. Unterhaching 2-1 (friendly game)

Heidenheim – Statistics & current form

Although the FCH scored at least one point last weekend, the draw against Dynamo Dresden felt like a defeat. The Saxons did not yet get a win as the bottom of the table and took only one point away for the third time this season.

Frank Schmidt’s team again had the same problem as for weeks. Behind the team around goalkeeper Kevin Müller is incredibly safe and now with only 21 goals conceded the best defense of all clubs. But in the game forward the engine stutters tremendously.

The North Swabians are still waiting for their first goal in the 2020 calendar year. Will David Otto get a chance from the start on Friday? This change of personnel seems possible in any case after the three-man team Schnatterer / Mohr / Kleindienst emitted little danger of scoring.

Mohr is probably the first candidate to sit on the bench. As mentioned, there are no problems defensively and in five of the last eight league games, goalkeeper Müller has left the field with a white vest.

If the guests find the necessary balance in their game on Friday, there is something in it again. Between Sandhausen and Heidenheim, a tip on the odds of the guests does not appear completely absurd.

➲ Predicted line-up (4-2-3-1): Muller; Busch, Husing, Mainka, Theuerkauf; Dorsch, Griesbeck; Schnatterer, Leipertz, Mohr; Kleindienst
➲ Unavailable: Thiel (Injured)
➲ Doubtful: Thomalla (Injured)

Last games from Heidenheim:

⚽️ 02.02.2020 – 1. FC Heidenheim vs. Dresden 0: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ Jan 29, 2020 – VfB Stuttgart vs. 1. FC Heidenheim 3: 0 (2. Bundesliga)
⚽️ 01/22/2020 – 1. FC Heidenheim vs. Lustenau 3: 0 (friendly match)
⚽️ 01/18/2020 – 1. FC Heidenheim vs. Beijing Guoan 5-2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ Jan 14, 2020 – Lugano vs. 1.FC Heidenheim 2: 4 (friendly game)

Sandhausen vs Heidenheim Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The word fear opponent is used quite inflationarily, but really applies to this pairing. The balance between Sandhausen and Heidenheim clearly speaks for a prediction in the direction of the North Swabians, which lead with 10: 3 victories in the h2h. However, the last two duels clawed the black and white.

Among other things, the SVS won 2-0 in the first leg on matchday 4 on the Ostalb. Förster and Behrens put together a double pack within a few minutes after an hour and thus paved the way for the guests to win away.

Now it should finally work out at home again. Frank Schmitt’s team cheered in six of the last nine home games, the points were shared three times. The last home success of the sand houses dates from August 15, 2008 in League 3.

Sandhausen vs Heidenheim Soccer Betting Predictions

A tip is very tricky to choose between Sandhausen and Heidenheim. In 2020, the guests are still goal and victory-free and are a little behind their form of the back series. Sandhausen on the other hand is extremely strong at home and the momentum actually speaks for the hosts. Now there is the big “but”.

Not only that the unbeaten series of the Hardtwald troop ended last weekend, but above all the direct duels between the two clubs from the past years are not exactly a hope for the hosts. The last home win against FCH was in 2008 and since then nine games have been unsuccessful (three draws, six bankruptcies).

Key facts – Sandhausen vs Heidenheim tips

📌 Heidenheim is still waiting for the first goal in 2020
📌 The North Swabians have the best defense in the league and Sandhausen has only had to concede three more goals
📌 The SVS prevailed 2-0 in the first leg – but is still clearly 3:10 behind in the h2h

It is very difficult to make a forecast between Sandhausen and Heidenheim, and the safest bet seems to be a low-goal game. Defensively, both teams are very stable. The guests represent the best defense in the league and the SVS has only allowed three more goals.

The coaches know each other’s strengths and so it is conceivable that the teams neutralize in midfield and, as in the past few weeks, small things will make all the difference. A maximum of two goals can be expected in the hard forest and seven units are recommended for this selection.

Competition: 2nd Bundesliga
Date: February 7th, 2020
Prediction Today: under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.82
Stake: 7/10 units