It’s getting hot at the Women’s World Cup in France. By this we do not mean the kicking ladies, but refer to the climate and above all to the increasing tension in these title fights. The number of teams that can still become world champions is decreasing every day.

Soccer Betting Prediction Sweden vs Canada

But who will be the opponent, decides on Monday, when Sweden and Canada will meet in direct duel. The winner of this round of 16 will therefore be dealing with the German team.
It is one of two games in the second round, in which no group winners from the preliminary round will compete. Sweden became second in a group with the USA, as one would expect. The Canadians had to settle for second place behind European Champion Holland. Nevertheless, both teams can live quite well with it, because the lower half of the draw, in which one has now been classified, seems at first glance to include the easier way. The cracker for France, England or the US could wait until the finals again.

Both teams can come a long way. In the match between Sweden and Canada, the general prediction is that the maple leaves may be slightly stronger. But we do not quite agree with that. We think that both teams should rather meet at one level. It will therefore arrive in this round of 16 on trifles. An extension or a penalty shoot-out can not be ruled out. But both teams have enough experience, so that the nerves will hardly flutter.

Sweden – Statistics & Current Form

Swedish coach Peter Gerhardsson sees the World Cup in France as a whole. It does not seem to matter to him to win in every game, but to be well prepared in the upcoming games. Therefore, he has decided to renounce in the last group match against the United States on a few regular players and presumably the group victory. With that, the Swedes are going first and foremost out of Spain, especially in the case of a successful knockout round.

Tactically, this may not have been the worst option, even though the Swedes’ record now has four wins and one defeat in the last five games. But the coach will be able to live well, especially if there is a victory in the round of 16. Just before the kick-off between Sweden and Canada, the odds are a close outsider to the team from Scandinavia. However, the team of Peter Gerhardsson will burn to win, to finally show it to the fearsome opponent Germany in a big game.

The game against the US, in view of the many personnel changes, basically the expected course. The United States took the lead 1-0 after just a few minutes. After 50 minutes Jonna Andersson made an own goal to make it 2-0. However, because the Swedes were already qualified for the round of 16, they could live very well with this defeat. Against Canada, the silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Rio will certainly show his true face again.

“Canada has a strong team and is physically extremely good. But at this World Cup all teams are good and therefore it will be important to focus on us. ” – Jonna Andersson

This means that Nilla Fischer, Fidolina Rolfö or Lina Hurtig are likely to be back in the starting eleven. This could mean that the unlucky tramp Jonna Andersson would have to go back to the bank. But it was she who has already provided an outlook on the duel against Canada. She sees the North Americans as extremely strong and physically robust. But she also notes that the Swedes probably have it in their own hands to make this game successful.

Expected formation of Sweden:
↪ Lindahl – Ericsson, Fischer, Glas, Sembrant – Asllani, Rubensson, Anvegard – Seger, Hurtig, Rolfö
↪ Coach: Gerhardsson

Last matches of Sweden:

⚽️ 06.04.2019 – Sweden vs. USA 0: 2 (World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 16.06.2019 – Sweden vs Thailand 5: 1 (World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – Chile vs. Sweden 0: 2 (World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 31.05.2019 – Sweden vs. South Korea 1: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 09.04.2019 – Austria vs Sweden 0: 2 (friendly)

Canada – Statistics & Current Form

The fact that Canada has a team that is capable of playing the title has been shown in the last two Olympics, which saw bronze twice. The round of 16 can therefore be only a transit station for the maple leaves. At World Championships you can not show these good results. At the home World Cup four years ago was eliminated in the quarterfinals. It should now at least go again this year.

The whole great conviction was in the preliminary round in the North Americans but not visible. Especially in the offensive it hooked a little. Overall, the Canadians play out in this tournament too few chances to score. But the defense for top star Kadeisha Buchanan is very neat. The two goals conceded in the group final against Netherlands were the first goals in the last five games, the keeper Stephanie Labbe had to accept. Overall, Canada has conceded so in the last ten games only one defeat.

Therefore, it would not be inappropriate, in the duel between Sweden and Canada to make a prediction on the progress of the maple leaves. The last game against Netherlands has shown, however, that the Canadians are vulnerable. Netherlands were the better team and went 1-0 in the 54th minute. Only then woke Canada and marked by Christine Sinclair compensation.

“These are the moments we train for. These are the games you want to stand in. When you get to that point, there comes the magic that can happen to anything. ” – Stephanie Labbe

The Canadians will not care, because now come only the games that really matter. The anticipation of goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe becomes clear when she talks about the magical moments that are now approaching her and her team. Canada will therefore be ready on Monday to do its utmost to make it into the quarter-finals for the third time in a World Cup. Personnel, it looks like the Canadians with the best formation in this match can go.

Expected lineup of Canada:
↪ Labbe – Buchanan, Lawrence, Zadorsky – Fleming, Schmidt, Scott, Beckie . Prince, Riviere, Sinclair
↪ Coach: Heiner-Möller

Last matches of Canada:

⚽️ 20.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Canada 2: 1 (World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Canada vs. New Zealand 2: 0 (World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Canada vs. Cameroon 1: 0 (World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 24.05.2019 – Spain vs Canada 0: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 18.05.2019 – Canada vs. Mexico 3: 0 (friendly)

Sweden vs Canada Direct Comparison

A total of 16 times the ladies from Sweden and Canada faced each other on the lawn. In direct comparison, the Swedes are ahead with 7: 5 wins. Four duels ended in a draw. At big tournaments like World Championships and Olympic Games there was still no victory for the Canadians.

But Canada won the final duel in the match for third place in March at the Algarve Cup. After the end of regular time it was 0-0. On penalties Stephanie Labbe was the deciding woman when she defused Hanna Glas’s penalty.

Sweden vs Canada soccer Betting Prediction Explained

The penalty shoot-out in the match for third place at the Algarve Cup could be a foretaste of what awaits us in the round of 16. We could imagine giving a hint in the match between Sweden and Canada that this match will not be decided in regular time.

Both teams have given in the previous World Cup matches in about the same level and ended their good winning streak with a defeat in each last group match. Canada has not won against Sweden in three games at major tournaments.

Key facts – Sweden vs Canada tips

✔️ After four wins in a row Sweden conceded in the last group match against the USA a calculated defeat.
✔️ Canada lost only once in their last ten internationals.
✔️ At the Algarve Cup in the spring, Canada defeated Sweden on penalties.

We think it would be no surprise if the maple leaves would bite their teeth again. Although the Scandinavians are outsiders in the bookmakers, we think that the team of Peter Gerhardsson will prevail in this knockout duel. We would therefore play in the match between Sweden and Canada, the betting odds of up to 2.30 on a progress of the Swedes.

Prediction Today: Sweden keeps coming
Odds: 2.30