No sports betting found? Take the cards into your own hands and play online poker. It’s fun and easy. And best of all: you determine the price yourself.

The sports world is taking a break, and just like you, many people are now sitting at home looking for a pastime online. One of the most popular options in the world is online poker.

Sports betting providers and online poker

Most sports betting providers have online poker in addition to sports betting and online casinos. These two leisure activities are currently experiencing a new high, because there are simply a lot more people online than usual.

In addition, the bookmakers offer a special poker bonus that you can only collect if you also become active at the poker tables. Poker bonuses are just as lucrative as sports betting bonuses, the money you get for playing the most popular card game in the world.

You can find the option to switch to poker on the home page of all betting providers.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ online poker

Where can you play online poker?

You can play online poker at almost all betting providers. However, the smaller providers are often unable to bring enough players to the tables to ensure continuous gameplay.

However, the above-mentioned betting providers with online poker are larger platforms that also combine in networks, which creates a sufficiently large player pool. Follow these recommendations for online poker and you will always find a table.

Do I have to register for online poker?

No. You register with the provider of your choice and then switch back and forth between online poker, online casino and sports betting as you wish. In addition, you do not need any additional money, because you can use your credit for all offers from a betting provider.

How much does online poker cost?

One of the great advantages of online poker is that you set the price yourself. Poker is offered for any price, from pennies to many thousands of euros. Cash games – games that you can join at any time and that you can leave at any time – are available for a few cents.

The same goes for online poker tournaments where you only pay the entry fee once and then play until you either drop out or win.

Is there free poker online?

Yes, there is also that. Each poker room offers tables that are only played with play money. So you have no financial risk. However, it is not possible to unlock a bonus with play money.

Is online poker safe and serious?

Yes. Poker providers fear nothing more than fraud, because it quickly costs them their reputation. That is why online poker providers not only work with highly secure software and multi-secured random generators, which ensure fair gaming operations, but also have specialists who immediately follow up on any signs of unclean gaming.

Allegations that cards in online poker are unfairly distributed or favor certain players generally come from disappointed players who have simply been unlucky one or more times.

In fact, there have been attempts to defraud online poker. Where there is money involved, people are not far away who are trying to illegally benefit from it. The fact that some of them are recognized, banned and also published by players, but mostly by the poker providers themselves, shows that the control functions work.

In general, the risk of falling victim to the free economy is significantly higher than that of playing online poker.

Do you have to install software to play poker online?

No. While it is still common today to install a vendor’s software because it will simply run best, there is also the option to play poker without a download. For this, the poker providers provide a no-download version.

What are poker networks?

Since there are customers like us at any betting provider who are interested in poker, but who rarely can produce their own poker software, they like to form groups that then operate on the same platform.

This is cheaper for the betting providers and better for us players, because we have more players available. One of the largest networks is iPoker, with which bet365, Betfair, William Hill and Ladbrokes are active.

How do you play online poker?

By far the most popular online poker variant is Texas Hold’em. You can find a detailed description of the rules of the game at each provider. Here is the gameplay in brief.

Each player receives two cards, the so-called hole cards. After each betting round, three, one and one card are placed face up in the middle of the table – the so-called board. Each remaining player can combine these cards with his own cards to get the best possible hand. At the end of the round, either the player with the best hand or the one who managed to get everyone else to give up wins.

If this sounds complicated to you, don’t worry, it’s easy. Try play money first to get some practice and only then switch to real money poker.