Tigre vs Boca Juniors Soccer Predictions 2/06/2019

Tigre vs Boca Juniors Soccer Predictions

For the first time this year in Argentina in addition to the Super League and the Copa Argentina a third competition. In the Copa de la Superliga, the teams of the Argentine Super League not only have the chance to win the title, but also qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. In addition to Boca Juniors, Club Atletico Tigre has also qualified this year. The final of the bottom table of the Argentine Super League is quite surprising in the new cup competition, especially since Tigre adopted after the poor three-year average of the Argentine Super League in the Primera B Nacional, the second Argentine league.

Tigre vs Boca Juniors Soccer Betting Prediction

At Tigre against Boca Juniors, according to odds, the favorite role is clearly on the side of Boca. Even if CA Tigre has done quite well in the Cup so far and eliminated the reigning champions Racing Club from the Cup, not much speaks for a Tigre in the final. Boca Juniors prediction on the underdog. In the Superleague Boca Juniors recorded a clear home win over Tigre before the end of the year. Can the “Xeneizes” get their first title this year or will Tigre win the cup sensation? The final between the two clubs will take place on Sunday evening at 23:45 (CET) in the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes in Cordoba!

Tigre – Statistics & Current Form

Who looks at the table of the Argentine Super League, will be surprised, how CA Tigre without a point deduction as table nine down in the second league is relegated. With the curious system of the AFA, the worst teams in the three-year rating rise, in which CA Tigre despite the good placement this year has lost out. Instead of a right to start for the Copa Sudamericana, there was therefore the first descent since 2004 in the Primera B Nacional. In the new cup competition of the AFA, the “Matadores” from Buenos Aires have managed well so far and even eliminated the reigning Champion Racing Club from the Cup. Perez’s last-minute goal gave Matadores the semi-finals ticket via Racing Club. In the regular season of the Argentine Superliga, CA Tigre was the league’s worst defensive team, conceding the most goals (42). The highest defeat was against final opponent Boca Juniors (1: 4). With a 5-0 home win and a 1-0 away win, CA Tigre managed to win the final against Atletico Tucuman in the last race. Apart from the Trofeo Jaime Sarlanga in 1967, the “Matadores” from Buenos Aires have never recorded a title win so far. Get the “Matadores” the cup against Boca, wave at CA Tigre against Boca Juniors lucrative odds on a cup coup of the underdog.

Most valuable player in the squad of “Matadores” is the 24-year-old Lucas Janson. In his ten appearances this calendar year, Janson scored five goals and scored two assists. The internal scorers list meanwhile led Federico Gonzalez with eleven goals in 22 league appearances. Also in the Copa de la Superliga Gonzalez was able to continue his goal mood and previously recorded four points scorer. Although CA Tigre has delivered some weak ideas in the cup, it has always been over the finish line.

The luck of Néstor Gorosito’s team will also be needed in the cup final against Boca Juniors. With 42 goals conceded in the regular season of the Argentine Super League, the defensive performance of his team was very poor. In the semi-final, however, there were two wins to zero recently, which came as quite surprising for the defensive conditions of the “Matadores”. In order for CA Tigre against Boca Juniors to predict the underdog, the Gorosito team will have to build on their performance against Tucuman.

Expected formation of Tigre:
↳ Marinelli – Rodriguez, Moiraghi, Alcoba, Galmarini – Menossi, Morales, Ortiz – Montillo – Janson, Gonzalez

Last Games by Tigre:

⚽️ 25.05.2019 – Atlético Tucumán vs. Tigre 0: 1 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 18.05.2019 – Tigre Vs. Atlético Tucumán 5: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 15.05.2019 – Racing Avellaneda vs. Tigre 2: 1 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 11.05.2019 – Tigre Vs. Racing Avellaneda 2-0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 04.05.2019 – Unión Vs. Tigre 1: 3 (Copa de la Superliga)

Boca Juniors – Statistics & Current Form

With the third place in the Argentine Super League Boca Juniors could be satisfied only because of the placement in front of the archrival River Plate. The missed title win Boca Juniors but could not continue to archrival River Plate, which has 36 titles three more than the “Xeneizes”. At least in the Copa de la Superliga, Boca Juniors now has the chance to make the second title win in this calendar year perfect. After the Supercup title over Rosario Central Boca would immortalize with the first title in the new cup competition. The season in the Argentine Super League has ended Boca with a score of 15-6-4. With Racing Club and archrival River Plate together Boca put the strongest offensive in the Super League. But that’s not surprising when it comes to offensive power in the “Xeneizes” squad. The performance at national level was able to retrieve Boca in the Copa Libertadores, as with eleven points, the group victory in Group G was fetched. Boca Juniors has been unbeaten in all competitions for 12 competitive games. The last defeat was at the beginning of April in the away game in the South American premier class against Atletico Paranaense.

On the way to the final of the Copa de la Superliga Boca Juniors has had problems only in the quarterfinals against Velez Sarsfield. To solve the semifinal ticket, Boca Juniors had to go on penalties against Sarsfield and came off lightly. With offensive players like Pavon, Benedetto and Tevez, the offensive of Boca Juniors is heavily occupied. Individual quality is not lacking in midfield, where coach Gustavo Alfaro has plenty of adequate options. In the offensive trio, Alfaro is likely to put back on Pavon, Benedetto and Tevez, who have not recently started together in the starting eleven. With the offensive power, the defensive of the Cup underdog will get a lot of work to do. Will Tigre pay off against Boca Juniors for a tip on the Alvaro team?

Expected formation of Boca Juniors:
↳ Andrada – Mas, Izquierdoz, Lopez, Buffarini – Nandez, Marcone, Almendra – Pavon, Benedetto, Tevez

Last matches of Boca Juniors:

⚽️ 26.05.2019 – Boca Juniors vs. Argentinos Juniors 1: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 19.05.2019 – Argentinos Juniors vs. Boca Juniors 0: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 17.05.2019 – Boca Juniors vs. Vélez Sarsfield 0: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 13.05.2019 – Vélez Sarsfield vs. Boca Juniors 0: 0 (Copa de la Superliga)
⚽️ 10.05.2019 – Boca Juniors vs. Atlético Paranaense 2: 1 (Copa Libertadores)

Tigre vs Boca Juniors Direct Comparison

It will be the 22nd overall duel between the two Argentine clubs. Boca Juniors leads the direct comparison with a score of 11-4-6. Overall, an average of 2.71 goals per game fell. In the recent Argentine Super League season, Boca Juniors scored a 4-1 victory over CA Tigre and their second home win over the “Matadores” in the last calendar year. Already in the season before CA Tigre could not prevail against Boca. For the past seven years, CA Tigre has won only once against Boca Juniors. Seven of the last ten duels went to the account of the “Xeneizes”.

Tigre vs Boca Juniors Soccer Betting Prediction

The system in the Argentine Super League is quite strange. Instead of a right to start for the Copa Sudamericana CA Tigre had to start the transition to the second division – as a table under the super league! In the coming season, the “Matadores” will be represented in the Primera B Nacional. Before the season finishes at national level, CA Tigre has fought its way through to the final in the new cup competition and will now face Boca Juniors. With a title win Tigre wants to make the sensation in the Copa de le Superliga perfect and book the first title since 1967.

Key Facts – Tigre vs Boca Juniors tips

⭐️ CA Tigre relegated to the second league after the poor three-year rating!
⭐️ Boca Juniors wants to immortalize with the first title win in the new cup competition of the AFA.
⭐️ Boca has been unbeaten in 12 competitive games since playing for all competitions.

But with Boca Juniors the “Matadores” meet pure offensive power. Already in the regular season of the Super League Boca has booked a 4-1 victory against Tigre and is euphoric after the weak league season in the cup final. The cup title would be after the Supercup success, the second title win for Boca Juniors in this calendar year.

With the qualitative difference in the squad of both teams and the previous performances in this competitive season speaks much for a victory of Boca. We would recommend a tip on Boca at CA Tigre against Boca Juniors and choose to use six units. If successful, Tigre Vs. Boca Juniors betting odds of 1.84 are tapped.

Prediction Today: 2
Odds: 1.84