This weekend, the summer break will finally be put on record in the 3rd league. After seven years in the Regionalliga celebrates while the second team of Bayern Munich their return to the third highest German league. Currently the FCB II is the only second representation in the 3rd league. For the Red this year it is all about the league. For the start of the new season stands for Bayern II on Saturday afternoon equal to a derby at the Würzburger Kickers.

Wurzburger Kickers vs Bayern 2 Soccer Prediction of the Day

The Kickers made twelve players before the season, including some top performers. Twelve new entrants will compensate for the losses. Where does the Kickers way go in the 2019/20 season? The bookmakers push the home side at least in the opening game Würzburger Kickers vs.. Bayern with their odds the favorite role too. Also, the betting base expects the FWK and sets in the duel Würzburger Kickers vs.. Bayern their tip on “Victory Würzburger Kickers”.

Würzburger Kickers – Statistics & Current Form

The Würzburger Kickers finished last season on a good fifth place. The gap to the promotion places was nevertheless quite big with 13 points. After the overall good preseason came surprisingly much movement in the squad. Twelve players left the club, including Peter Kurzweg (Union Berlin), Patrick Drewes (VfL Bochum), Patrick Göbel (Hallescher FC), Simon Skarlatidis (1 FC Kaiserslautern) and Orhan Ademi (Eintracht Braunschweig) also some top performers. Especially on the offensive, the disposals should make noticeable. 56 goals of the FWK meant in the last season the third best value behind Wiesbaden and the KSC. Göbel, Skarlatidis and Ademi alone scored 20 goals. As a replacement, the club committed twelve new players. Albion Vrenezi (Regensburg) and Niklas Zuciak (Warta Posen) are the most experienced. There are also Lion Schweers (Preußen Münster) and Luca Pfeiffer (Paderborn).

“[…] Two goals against standard situations may not happen. Here we have to defend uncompromising, otherwise you will – as today – rightly punished. If you exclude the second half, we can be satisfied with the preparation to date. We will be preparing intensively for the third league start next week and be prepared for the kick-off. ” – Michael Schiele

The remaining eight newcomers are all no older than 23 and all come from Bundesliga junior centers or the regional leagues. Due to the young squad the game of the Kickers should gain pace. On the other side, playing strength and ball security could have been lost. The experience does not speak for Würzburg. After two fifth places in a row, coach Michael Schiele continues to enjoy the trust of those responsible. As goal one has written itself with the Franks a single-digit table place on the flags.

In the preparation completed the Würzburg five friendly matches: 4: 1 against SSV Ulm, 0: 0 against Balinger SC, 1: 0 against Aubstadt, 4: 2 against labor Wiesbaden and 1: 3 against FSV Frankfurt. Especially the defeat against regional league Frankfurt in the last test before the start of the season was bitter. The FWK had led to the break still with 1: 0. Coach Schiele has to give up the prelude only to Breunig.

Expected formation of Würzburger Kickers:
➣ Verstappen – Hemmerich, Hansen, Schuppan, Kwadwo – merchant, Hägele, Sontheimer, Vrenezi – Baumann, Pfeiffer

Last matches of Würzburger Kickers:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Würzburger Kickers vs. FSV Frankfurt 1: 3 (friendly)
⚽️ 12.07.2019 – Wiesbaden vs Würzburger Kickers 2: 4 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 09.07.2019 – Würzburger Kickers Vs. Aubstadt 1: 0 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 03.07.2019 – Bahlinger SC vs. Würzburger Kickers 0: 0 (friendly)

Bayern 2 – Statistics & Current Form

The small Bavarians were in the previous year with seven points ahead of the VfB Eichstätt champions of the Regionalliga Bayern. For the ticket for the 3rd league then went in two games against the champion of the Regionalliga Nord, the VfL Wolfsburg II The away leg away Bayern had lost 1: 3 and were also in the second leg “dahoam” after eight minutes 0: 1 behind. In the end, however, the FC Bayern München II still won the game 4: 1 and may again play third-rate this season. In 2008, the second team of FCB was still founding member of the 3rd league.

For the new season, the climber has made a change. Eleven players left the club, ten new came. King transfer was Sarpreet Singh, who came from Wellington and is considered one of the greatest talents in New Zealand. Waldhof Mannheim was hired for 200,000 euros scorer Timo core. For 1.5 million euros came the 18-year-old Leon Dajaku from VfB Stuttgart. Dajaku is a 17-time U-national and met 17 times in the past U19 season in 31 games for the Swabians. Of the pros, Alphonso Davies and Jann-Fiete Arp are always going to collect match practice in the second team. With Nicolas Feldhahn, Maximilian Welzmüller, Michael Netolitzky and Kwasi Okyere Wriedt are five U23 players in the squad. They are to lead the young savages. Only a maximum of three of them may be on the pitch at the same time.

“It was a very good test against the hoped-for tough opponent. After some initial difficulties, we got into the game well and in the second half also showed the necessary cold-bloodedness. ” – Sebastian Hoeneß

The team has to cope with the departures of Woo-Yeong Jeong (Freiburg) and Maxime Awoudja (Stuttgart). The former coach Holger Seitz changed after the rise in the sporting management of the Bavarian junior performance center. The team took over Sebastian Hoeneß, nephew of President Uli and son of Dieter. The coach came from their own U19 Bayern to second team. The squad is sure to be strong and talented. However, the team lacks experience and robustness. In the preparation there were five friendly matches: 1: 0 against Dachau, 1: 4 against Wattens, 2: 1 against Liefering, 0: 0 against Türkgücü-Ataspor and 4: 2 against the Czech second division Dukla Prague. Especially the good performance at the dress rehearsal against Prague gives hope for a good season.

The coach has to get started without numerous players. Hoffmann, Ontuzans, Singh and Zaiser are all with the pros on the trip to the USA. Feldhahn, Franzke, Köhn, Netolitzky, Richards, Rieg and Tillman are also missing. Even Dajaku can not play because of an ankle injury.

Expected formation of Bayern 2:
➣ Früchtl – M. Yilmaz, May, Senkbeil, Rochelt – M. Welzmüller, Will – Batista Meier, T. Kern, M. Shabani – Wriedt

Last matches of Bayern 2:

⚽️ 13.07.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. Dukla Prague 4: 2 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 07.07.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. Türkgücü-Ataspor 0: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.07.2019 – Liefering Vs. Bayern 2 1: 2 (friendly)
⚽️ 29.06.2019 – Wattens vs. Bayern 2 4: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 21.06.2019 – Bayern 2 vs. Dachau 1: 0 (friendly)

Wurzburger Kickers vs. Bayern 2 Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

There have already been six games between the two teams, all in the Regionalliga Bayern between 2012 and 2014. With three wins for each club, the direct comparison is completely balanced.

Würzburger Kickers vs Bayern 2 Our Soccer Betting Prediction

On Saturday, the flyeralarm Arena hosts the youth meeting: Würzburg has the second youngest team after Bayern II at just over 23 years of age. Both teams have undergone major changes. FWK coach Schiele was very satisfied with the preparation. In his opinion, the team is still one step ahead of the previous season. Nevertheless, the Kickers are a surprise bag this year. From ascent to descent everything seems possible. Realistic is certainly a place in the secured midfield. For the reserve of Bavaria, the goal can only be class relegation. Coach Hoeneß warns too high expectations. The inexperienced team has to find a good balance between the training and the results.

Key facts – Wurzburger Kickers vs Bayern 2 tips

📌 Würzburg was in the last five league home games only one point
📌 With eleven wins, three draws and three defeats the FCB II 2018/19 was the best away team of the Regionalliga Bayern
📌 The direct comparison is completely balanced

The Würzburg usually start very slowly into a new season: 2017/18 succeeded the FWK only on the sixth matchday the first victory of the season. In the previous season, there were after three defeats on the fourth match even the first three. This time, the Kickers are allowed to start with a home game in a third league season for the first time. Newcomer Bayern Munich II is certainly no cannon fodder. For the start, however, coach Hoeneß must give up numerous players. Added to this is the lack of experience in the third division. These two factors should be the decisive factor for the home side. Thus we set Würzburger Kickers vs. Würzburger. Bayern 2 our tip on “Victory Würzburger Kickers”. We play the recommendation for odds of 1.90 and with three units.

Prediction Today: 1
Odds: 1.90